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  1. I like to have a head start on the math in the next grade, especially because I don't like math so much. That way I can do most of the math in the summer and not have to worry about doing a lot of math during the official year.
  2. I start sometime (home)school sometime in september, but I do some math and history over the summer.
  3. Agree with @DLecy. White-throated would have a more contrasting throat, even as juvenile.
  4. Don't worry, I made the same mistake before. (Yellow Warblervs. Scarlet Tanager, not the coffee!)
  5. Not great at hummingbirds, but here goes.. 1. Female Rufous? 2. Female Calliope? 3. Calliope?
  6. Agree with Connor. But the underwing picture is confusing, as it looks more like red phalarope.
  7. I think that these are all Semipalmated or Western. Not Sanderling because they wouldn't be in Virginia this time of year. My best opinion is that all are semipalmated sandpipers. Red knots would have much more extensive salmon color onto the flanks.
  8. That bill looks very weird for a great crested flycatcher. In some of the pictures you can see a hint of a titmouse-like crest and head shape, and the wash on the underparts is buffy. This is a tufted titmouse. Bottom perspectives can be confusing, even for more experienced birders like @IKLland.
  9. Okay, good to know. I guess the greenishness, probably caused by the lighting, confused me.
  10. Actually, I think you were thinking of summer tanagers, @Seanbirds. Scarlets are small-billed compared to other tanagers.
  11. Both the Tree Swallow and the Barn Swallow have been increasing in recent years, so I wanted to get an idea of the ratio of tree to barn swallows where Whatbirders live. Please take the poll and comment.
  12. Both the Barn Swallow and the Tree Swallow have been increasing in recent years, so I wanted to get an idea of the ratio of the two species in different areas. Please take the poll and comment.
  13. By the way, while you're looking at the Schenectady county and stalking all the killdeer, you'll find me in the recent sightings at Pipilo erythropthalmus. https://ebird.org/profile/MjU1NjU1OA/world
  14. Thanks! I often go down with a sibling at the crack of dawn.
  15. You have a point, especially since these birds seem to be in fresh plumage.
  16. Thanks for the tip! Been going down to the river near me a lot, where there have been some sightings. Hopefully I'll get one soon!
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