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  1. 18 hours ago, AlexHenry said:

    The in flight photo is unidentifiable but there’s definitely no reason to assume it’s a Red. It’s likely Red-necked as well but is just not identifiable

    @IKLland said they were the same bird. But although the photo of the stationary bird looks like a Red-necked, the flight photo does not. My thought is: could it be juvenile or nonbreeding Sanderling?

  2. 44 minutes ago, Kevin said:

    Sorry, not last year, the year before that.also that was about 30 yards of concrete. And by the way that wasn't they back the truck in and pump it in, because they couldn't get close enough, so we moved it all one tractor bucket at a time.

    I'm a bit confused. You have a creek in your yard?

    We used to have a situation in our yard where a neighbor was draining some of their water into our yard. It was almost like a little trickle of a stream which formed a tiny pool that I would play with when I was younger. As a result, though, part of the yard got muddy and we had a lot of mosquitoes. So we tried to stop it up with concrete where the most of the water was coming from, and then covered the muddy area with a lot of branches and fallen leaves in the fall. However, the pipe had holes in the sides so it is still muddy there, though not as bad. 

    When I was two or three, I lived in Arizona where there was a creek in the backyard where my family would sometimes go swimming. One year it flooded and a shed floated away down the river.

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  3. Just now, Kevin said:

    Yeah, I do history year round to, most years I do some math through the summer also, but we didn't do that this year.

    I like to have a head start on the math in the next grade, especially because I don't like math so much. That way I can do most of the math in the summer and not have to worry about doing a lot of math during the official year.

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