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  1. There are also brighter and drabber individual females, where I live the females are pretty bright.
  2. You mean juvenile male, right? Because otherwise this looks like a female.
  3. Female common grackles are identical to male common grackles.
  4. Almost thought american black duck, but rare in texas. Now I think green-winged teal looks best, but usually only a winter visitor in the area. I'm confused.
  5. Yes, that was my main criterion. Male mallards have bright yellow bills, and female mallards have orange bills with a central black splotch.
  6. Pretty sure this is an almost mature herring gull. Everything looks right for mature herring, except for the bit of dusky streaking on the head left from immature. Generally I'm pretty good at gull ids.
  7. My first thought too, but a female rose-breasted would not be described as little, as these birds are relatively large.
  8. I'd still say hammond's as well. Tail length definitely wrong for pewee.
  9. My best guess is white-throated swallow, maybe look at that, as the white-throated has a white rump.
  10. True. Although there are a lot of wild turkeys where i live.
  11. Only two reports of western wood-pewee in virginia from ebird. Eastern wood-pewee looks right.
  12. I really got into birding a year or so ago, but joined ebird later. I try to keep up to date on bird taxonomy, but tend to focus less on game birds.
  13. Okay, interesting. Bird taxonomy is a bit of a headache.
  14. Yep, orchard oriole. One of my summer targets, as these birds are not as common as baltimores.
  15. Wasn't previously aware that the prairie-chickens were renamed as grouse. I have a pretty out-dated field guide.
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