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  1. Yeah, I'm bad at finch IDing, but the differences are pretty subtle to me. House finch it is.
  2. I've been listening to recordings and comparing, but no luck so far... Apparently these birds are declining in northeast.?
  3. You're right, but lighting makes it hard to see the face. But in the east, you're correct, though western individuals of purple finch have a subtler face pattern.
  4. Probably a bluebird, but not sure about this. How come it lacks blue tones? Both juvenile and female bluebirds have some blue on them. Unless it's a drab individual...
  5. Meaning New York State, everyone confuses it with the city.
  6. I'm in upstate New York, not giving out my exact location.
  7. So jealous. Eastern Towhee is my nemesis bird. Definitely Towhees.
  8. I wasn't familiar with the juvenile white-breasted, that does seem fine now.
  9. Not sure about that. The face is pretty clearly seen, and I'm pretty sure that eyebrow looks faint. Probably not Blue-gray, but I'm not sure about Golden-crowned either.
  10. You're probably right, but how come the face lacks the bold pattern, which is present in all plumages of Golden-crowned?
  11. Actually I would say Blue-gray Gnatcatcher. May not be common that far north, but depending on which part of the adirondacks, (say southern) it would be possible. Rare birds are not that rare! To distinguish this bird look for the subtle face pattern versus the bold, striped face pattern of the golden-crowned. This individual is mostly blue-gray instead of the grayish olive with tinges of green. Bill-length is not reliable but looks right for a gnatcatcher.
  12. Not sure on this one. Would say ring-billed immature more than western, definitely. Bill not stout enough for Western, and black tip not extensive. Ring-billed.
  13. Definitely not nuthatch! Will you take a look at the extensive white on this bird? That is our clue, as well as the stoutish bill. Guessing Downy or Hairy Woodpecker. Female or immature.
  14. What do you mean by BRBL? Brewer's Blackbird? If so, no. The pale iris and tail length looks almost like Great-tailed Grackle.
  15. I second Hammond's. Not Wood-peewee for third bird, Hammond's instead. Also note tail length to identify.
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