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  1. Unfortunately, I haven't had that much opportunity to use my camera that much, as I've been quite busy with orchestra seating auditions, martial arts demo coming up, etc.... You can go.
  2. You are allowed to repeat species other people have done.
  3. Not good as I haven't been able to take a picture of one with my new camera yet.
  4. Looks awesome! I'll see if I can work on my parents to get me to go...it's a 30 min drive. Also not sure where exactly people have been seeing the birds from as the parking lot near by doesn't seem to be open for regular vehicles.
  5. I honestly have to hold myself back, I love to correct other people's grammar and spelling(in a friendly way, to point out typos).
  6. I think it is an American Goldfinch from a weird angle.
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