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  1. I do not. Having seen hundreds of monkeys overseas, this is not one.
  2. With excessive imagination, but it's definitely a photo artifact.
  3. Unsure whether this is a clump of leaves or some other structure. I wouldn't push an ID. Not a monkey.
  4. Sorry, this site is for discussing wild birds only.
  5. Yeah, not sure why they were blooming so late here. Seems they were introduced to here from that area.
  6. Awesome photo! https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/497307131
  7. BRDL 276 ???? ???? ???? ???? ????
  8. ...while I have yet to see one in its normal wintering range.
  9. No, don't say the forbidden word! Yeah, I also had a goshawk impression.
  10. Not as long as it took to get the wing shape semi-correct!
  11. I have seen this bird in my yard, actually a pair stayed for a couple hours once, calling frequently.
  12. Yeah, definitely Bald Eagle. I mean, "yes"s are fine, but please, let me have some variety! How about mixing in a few "confirmed"s?
  13. BRDL 275 ???? ???? ???? ???? Woah, a bird that I've actually seen and heard??
  14. I've been using Celestron Granite binoculars, 9 x 33, and I've been happy with the optical quality.
  15. I feel that I'm seeing a few too many terse "yes"s on the forum lately. I can second that this is a juvenile Bald Eagle, looking at its irregular white feathers on the underside. Actually, I'm not totally sure that this is a juvenile and not second year Bald Eagle, but I'm assuming that the lack of white feathers on the underside of the body mean this is a juvenile.
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