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  1. 2 hours ago, Birds are cool said:

    How about @Quiscalus quisculaquiscula . She has skipped some of her turns because of  not having any photos, but now with her new camera and better photos, she can submit a photo.

    Unfortunately, I haven't had that much opportunity to use my camera that much, as I've been quite busy with orchestra seating auditions, martial arts demo coming up, etc....

    You can go.

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  2. 15 hours ago, Aaron said:

    All I had was a 400km^2 purple eBird rectangle and a dream


    Still not over that I actually managed to see him as I just guessed where he was and there was so many roads I could have driven on instead. Took about 2 hours of driving around, and was actually heading back home defeated when he just happened to be perched along the road I was driving back on! 
    Though had some weird camera troubles as for whatever reason my camera could not focus properly on him so I probably took over 100 photos in a 5 minute period just hoping some would be in focus (also tried manual). Still not sure what was/is going on, but there was definitely a slight panic that this was gonna be another photo fumble like my GGOW observation last year. Luckily he stayed in place, so I managed a few that were in focus, but still not as sharp as I’d expect them to be. But doesn’t matter I guess, as I was lucky enough just to see him. 

    Gonna be hard to top this as my best bird of the year 

    Crazy awesome!!

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  3. 51 minutes ago, Birds are cool said:

    @Quiscalus quiscula, this isn't to far away from you is it? Some decent birds, and a rare Canvasback! 


    Looks awesome! I'll see if I can work on my parents to get me to go...it's a 30 min drive.

    Also not sure where exactly people have been seeing the birds from as the parking lot near by doesn't seem to be open for regular vehicles.

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