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  1. 31 minutes ago, dragon49 said:

    Incredible day! The Alder Flycatcher, Worm Eating Warbler (my nemesis!) and Yellow Warbler were all lifers.  For the distance covered, I got a good number of species as well.  I'd normally walk further here and get more species, but I spent a lot of time at the Alder Flycatcher stakeout spot:


    Your "Yellow Warbler" has flank streaking, I think it's a Prairie.

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  2. 4 hours ago, Charlie Spencer said:

    How do you decide what width-height ratio to crop?  The app I use allows me to specify free hand, fixed ratio, or fixed size.  I've been using fixed size 2000 x 1500 simply because that approximates my monitor dimensions.  It's better than when I wasn't cropping at all but sometimes still leave a smaller / distant bird a bit isolated in the image.

    It depends on the photo. I usually use 4:3, but sometimes 3:2.

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  3. 1 minute ago, IKLland said:

    For my info, how was Baltimore ruled out? 

    I'm not 100 percent on this one, so definitely wait for more replies. I *think* it's *probably* a Bullock's despite having very little experience differentiating them. Bullock's is more common, and some aspects of how the orange is distributed seem to point that way to me. Mostly it's GISS, like if I saw that bird in NY it would feel off for a Baltimore.

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