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  1. 1 hour ago, millipede said:

    I suggest we all get together and make name tags for them all. Would make things a lot easier.
    (at least until they started swapping them just to frustrate us)

    In my opinion, identifying things is a big part of the joy of birding. The frustration just makes it more satisfying when you are able to ID a bird correctly.

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  2. 45 minutes ago, Charlie Spencer said:

    My Darling Bride is interested in taking up sketching, although not necessarily birds.  Would y'all recommend a tablet application for beginners?


    There's always paper..........

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  3. 12 hours ago, Avery said:

    In what way? 

    It does look very similar to the Great Lakes gull that has been on Lake Champlain for a few years that I have yet to track down. However that bird has a cleaner head, though with hybrids I’m not sure that matters too much. 

    Just a feeling... I better not say too much more because of my ignorance in gull identification.

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  4. 6 minutes ago, RobinHood said:

    This may be a candidate for Herring x Great Black-backed, known as a "Great Lakes Gull".

    From memory the back is an intermediate grey; the bill is black, red and flesh coloured; with the legs being a dark pink.

    The one I came across stood out in a group of Herring Gulls.

    I don't think it looks very hybrid-y to me...seems like a relatively standard Herring that I somehow messed up.

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