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  1. 12 hours ago, Christie said:

    I mistakenly touched the underline button and can’t make it stop. Much like I can’t stop this bully, a little yellow rumped warbler.  I’ve not seen one act like this before. I can’t make this yellow rumped warbler go away. He has chased every bird away except for blue jays, starlings which visited yesterday, house sparrows, dove and a hairy woodpecker as well as a little wren who seems to be hiding from him a lot. I live in the outer banks of North Carolina. I was excited to see the yrw’s return in December. Watch out for what you hope for… I think he’s even chased all of the other yrw away, but I can’t tell. Help😳

    Welcome to Whatbird! You can stop the underline by touching the button a second time, and for the text you've already typed with the underline, you can highlight it and then touch the underline button.

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  2. 2 minutes ago, Snake Fingers said:

    You might be a birder if you inwardly(and outwardly sometimes) cringe whenever someone refers to a bird by its last name. “Oh look at that Jay!” “Such beautiful goldfinches!” “It’s a Chickadee!” “Look at that gorgeous Cardinal sing!” (Don’t get me wrong, I sometimes do this myself we all do at some point… I just cringe whenever it happens).

    And when I read, when people spell Blue Jay "bluejay" and don't capitalize proper bird names.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Snake Fingers said:

    Yesterday: an American Goldfinch I heard singing, first time I IDed one singing. The only reason I recognized it right away was: I was wondering if it really sounded like “potato chips”, so I listened to it(it doesn’t IMO) and thus my subconscious learned a song.I recognized it as “oh that one bird… wait it’s that one bird that doesn’t sound like potato chips… that one bird is a AMGO! Is there a term for say: looking in a field  guide, seeing a WBNU in it, then seeing a WBNU a few weeks later, and you know immediately that’s a WBNU.? If there isn’t there should be.

    Yep, that's how a learned a lot of my bird vocalizations. 

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