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  1. Thank you, DLecy. That's what I figured based on its small size (outline in the dark), location (Albuquerque), and that it is a common owl here. Hadn't heard that type of call from a WESO before so wanted to make sure it wasn't something else. Appreciate the confirmation. Sorry to those who couldn't play the audio. FWIW, it plays fine on my laptop.
  2. Recorded a couple of owls in my Albuquerque, NM neighborhood at dusk last night. Think I know what they are; looking for confirmation. You'll also hear a Great Horned Owl on the recording. That's not what I'm referring to. Captured using my iPhone so the sound quality isn't great. You'll likely need to crank up the volume. Thanks, Aaron 2022-06-18 2047.wav
  3. While hiking in the lower part of Embudito Canyon on the edge of Albuquerque, NM today (June 28, 2021), I came across a large hawk perched just off the trail in plain sight. I couldn't determine if it was a Red-tailed or a Swainson's. Looked to be an immature either way. I have attached a couple of grainy photos (best I could manage). As one can see, it's rather white on the front and head while largely brown, albeit mottled with white, on the back. Other info not readily apparent in the photos: thick subterminal band on the tail with three or four thinner bands above it; yellow tarsi and toes; yellow cere; yellow eyes; mostly white head with a bit of brown on top; and, maybe a bit of a belly band. Definitive answer anyone? And why? Thanks, amallen
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