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  1. An article about an unusual Cardinal spotted in Pennsylvania; https://www.yahoo.com/news/pennsylvania-man-snaps-picture-rare-153403730.html
  2. Rare for New Jersey, young male Western Tanager. Been coming to the same yard for over a week now.
  3. Black-and-white Warbler King Rail Ovenbird Pectoral Sandpiper
  4. Thanks very much!! Since I got into birding they tend to be almost exclusively the subject in my pics & I develop tunnel vision. Thankfully mother nature puts stuff in front of us sometimes that reminds us to take in the big picture too.
  5. First one looks like it has blood around the neck, predator attack maybe? The second, I've actually seen quite a few gulls, Cormorants, shorebirds, etc. missing legs or parts of legs. I always thought possibly they had been attacked by fish while sitting on the water? I also saw a Ruddy Turnstone once that had fishing gear wrapped around it's leg & the lower part of the leg had turned black & seemed ready to fall off 😞.
  6. Whiskered Tern White-winged Tern Black Tern Common Tern
  7. Really hope someone has Ross's or Ivory so I can be totally jealous 😉
  8. Black Skimmer Black-legged Kittiwake Adult Iceland Gull Juvenile Iceland Gull (aggravating a Ring-billed)
  9. Don't think we've had a thread for Gulls & Terns yet. Adult Glaucous Gull First Winter Black-headed Gull "Kamchatka" Mew Gull
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