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  1. Sorry but only got 1 very distant shot of this Tern so these are major crops. Taken today just outside of Atlantic City. Wasn't sure of ID at the time, thought possibly Gull-billed. After looking at pictures though the bill seems to long & thin, there seems to be a pinkish wash to the belly & it also appears to be banded. Hope it's enough to go on.
  2. There were actually 2 separate confirmed sightings of Brown Pelican as recently as 12/18/19 in New Jersey. Two birds at Island Beach State Park & one at Palmyra Cove along the Delaware River near Philadelphia. Also did a search on eBird for the entire state of New Jersey from the year 2000 thru 2019 & it appears there have been sightings every month of the year over that time period. Certainly not all that common & I'm sure some of the sightings have been under unusual circumstances but can't rule them out either.
  3. Seen 5/1 in south N. Jersey. Looks like it swallowed a grapefruit but Long-billed would be unusual in the spring.
  4. Branches in the way seem to be a common theme
  5. Male Northern Cardinal by Greg Miller, on Flickr Displaying Gray Catbird (Dumetella carolinensis) by Greg Miller, on Flickr Tufted Titmouse by Greg Miller, on Flickr
  6. Seen today in northern New Jersey in large mixed Scoter raft. It was the only one that looked like this. Thinking first winter male Black Scoter??
  7. Northern Watersnake by Greg Miller, on Flickr Thirsty Possum by Greg Miller, on Flickr Little Brown Bat by Greg Miller, on Flickr Green Frog by Greg Miller, on Flickr
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