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  1. Sora Saltmarsh Sparrow Seaside Sparrow American Avocets Wilson's Snipe
  2. Little early to tell if it's going to be an irruption year in NJ but if it does turn out to be one then Island Beach State Park, Sandy Hook, Holgate on the south end of Long Beach Island & Edwin B. Forsythe NWR (AKA Brig) in Galloway Township are probably the most consistent places to find them in NJ. They can & do show up almost anywhere along the seashore though. As an example, the attached picture is of one I found while driving along a highway near Atlantic City. In around The Meadowlands can be good as well, especially around Richard DeKorte Park\ Disposal Rd. area in Lyndhurst. I had my personal best Snowy day there a few years ago where I had 4 different owls in sight at once. I also had a Short-eared chase a Snowy right over my head there. Hopefully it will be a good year for them & you won't have to go to far.
  3. Awesome shot! You should put it in the "Birdscapes" thread too.
  4. Hey, at least you got close enough to the cliff to take a picture!! Heights don't agree with me & I can never bring myself to get that close to the edge! Probably the best place in the state to take pictures of Peregrines though & a couple years ago there was a Gyrfalcon there as well. I've seen some great shots from there. Just an example; https://flic.kr/p/2jeUFrZ
  5. I can never get close to them either, very easily spooked around here.
  6. Very bad year for Puffins apparently . https://www.yahoo.com/news/nothing-funny-bad-maines-clownish-140809321.html
  7. I started this one back in 2018 & it was dormant for a while. When the Bugs thread was started they probably just didn't realize there was a similar existing thread.
  8. Not sure what they were chasing.
  9. A couple days ago; Ruby-crowned Kinglet Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle)
  10. First one I took about 10 years ago on Earth Day. Was sad to see an endangered species (Piping Plover) climbing around on garbage washed up on the beach at a National Seashore (Gateway National Seashore). One of the few places they nest in NJ too! Second one is a rare for NJ King Rail climbing over garbage with it's chicks. The chicks were actually Clapper + King hybrids since she was the only King around. Last one is sad to see but to be fair not sure if it was caused by humans. Poor thing's leg was so rotted it seemed ready to fall off. I've seen other stuff like this though & usually involves them getting tangled up in fishing gear or garbage. One of the reasons I gave up fishing.
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