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  1. This Red Knot was originally reported as a Ruff. I can see how the mistake was made. A soaking wet, very unhappy Peregrine Falcon.
  2. Good article, sad to hear the problems though. The place most people see them in New Jersey is Barnegat Light State Park. There's a jetty there that they like to hang around, diving looking for food & chasing the females around. Here they actually show little fear of people & they'll stay quite close as long as you don't make sudden movements. It's a two hour ride for me & as I'm getting older gets tougher to walk out on the jetty but I still try & go a couple times a winter, awesome place!
  3. Yeah we're lucky, this spot gets them every winter.
  4. Great Egret "Kamchatka" Mew Gull Wilson's Storm-Petrel Harlequin Duck
  5. Awesome pic!! Wish my daughter was still that little 😢. Enjoy it while it last!
  6. Wild Bee Balm Allegheny Monkeyflower St. John's Wort Bouncing Bet
  7. Thanks!! Canon 90D with 100mm macro.
  8. Eight-toothed Cuckoo Leaf-cutter Bee Immature Male Eastern Pondhawk Female Common Whitetail Pearl Crescent
  9. Red Phalarope Short-eared Owl Sedge Wren Curlew Sandpiper Black-bellied Whistling Ducks Pacific Golden Plover
  10. Not an expert but in addition to what you said about other males I would think also that while mating they are distracted & thus more prone to being attacked by predators. "Doing it" under cover probably gives them a little more protection.
  11. Nope but did see Sage 🤗. There's a few more that have been posted that have been in my general area that I dipped on too.
  12. Common Buttonbush Bladder Campion Allegheny Stonecrop
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