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  1. Northern Cardinal? I seem to remember reading they used to be a lot less widespread & common in the past.
  2. Just a Robin today. They must have been on the move though. The place where I was birding was loaded with them, almost like they were dripping off the trees.
  3. Other then in flight I don't think I've ever seen one with it's crest completely down like this.
  4. This passed me within 15 feet of me when I first saw it but of course it caught me by surprise & I wasn't ready .
  5. Slight drop in quality here πŸ˜‰. Only one I've ever seen though .
  6. Passerine that occurs in almost the entire continental US at one time of the year or another, several sub-species.
  7. Similar Great Black-backed Gull.
  8. Sorry, posted from my phone earlier but didn't seem to take for some reason. You got it though πŸ‘. Was actually thinking Pectoral but as I said earlier either would be acceptable.
  9. No to both. There’s a size difference between the 2 birds.
  10. A Shorebird that is often compared to another Shorebird. I'm thinking of a specific bird but the bird it is compared to would also be an acceptable answer.
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