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  1. Came across a small group of Glossy Ibis yesterday in south NJ that were in close & I could actually see what they were feeding on which appeared to be big, fat earthworms. I was wondering though, do earthworms occur in saltmarshes? I thought maybe they might be some type of marine worm that happen to look like earthworms.
  2. Northern Pintail Pair American Wigeon, Eurasian Wigeon & Brant Black-headed Gull Short-eared Owl
  3. Juniper Hairstreak Common Buckeye Female Spangled Skimmer Dot-tailed Whiteface
  4. Always thought Brown Creepers blended in pretty good.
  5. I remember the first time I saw this behavior I thought the bird had died. I guess it gets exhausting holding up that big beak all the time!
  6. I always keep an eye out for Cuckoos & Orioles whenever I see a nest, they seem to love them!
  7. Tent Caterpillars Black Swallowtail Red-spotted Purple Euxoa detersa - Rubbed Dart
  8. This is an old shot & I know this is a bird but it's the situation that was unusual. I thought it was strange this heron was staying put & not taking off as I got closer. After looking carefully I realized the Heron's left foot had actually frozen in place while it was roosting & it couldn't move if it wanted to. Happily when I returned later it had warmed up enough for it to get free & it had departed. I was wondering if anyone else has seen this happen?
  9. Great Spangled Fritillary Monarch Caterpillar Cicada Species w/eggs Scorpionfly - Panorpa nuptialis
  10. Nice shot to you as well! I really like Robber Flies, they're so bizarre. Almost like creatures from another planet.
  11. Male Needham's Skimmer Feeding On Female Pondhawk Robber Fly species with prey (Bald-faced Hornet?)
  12. Ebony Jewelwing Unknown Fly Species Tranverse Flower Fly Eastern Swallowtail
  13. "Brewster's" Warbler Barnacle x Cackling Goose Mallard x American Wigeon
  14. Winter Wren Sedge Wren Carolina Wren Rock Wren Marsh Wren House Wren
  15. Previously only known from a single specimen collected 170 years ago! https://www.yahoo.com/news/bird-wasnt-seen-170-years-125751179.html
  16. Juvenile Glaucous Gull Northern Gannet Great Blue Heron Juvenile Peregrine Falcon
  17. An article about an unusual Cardinal spotted in Pennsylvania; https://www.yahoo.com/news/pennsylvania-man-snaps-picture-rare-153403730.html
  18. Rare for New Jersey, young male Western Tanager. Been coming to the same yard for over a week now.
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