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  1. Harris's Sparrow Wilson's Snipe Wilson's Phalarope
  2. Common Gallinule Common Loon Common Yellowthroat Common Gull
  3. Just got back from Oregon but got very little birding done . Did manage 7 lifers though & pushed year total to 217.
  4. Lincoln's Sparrow Ross's Goose Forster's Tern
  5. Columbia River from Vista House, Corbett, Oregon
  6. Baird's Sandpiper Leach's Storm-Petrel Henslow's Sparrow Nelson's Sparrow
  7. Is that the famous, very lost & wandering Eagje?
  8. Cassin's Kingbird Swainson's Thrush Brewster's Warbler A twofer, Cory's Shearwater & Wilson's Storm-Petrel
  9. You're fine with the Swift & the Jay. From Wikipedia; " It was named for the American scientist William Sansom Vaux." "This bird is named after the German naturalist Georg Wilhelm Steller, the first European to record them, in 1741.[13][14] Johann Friedrich Gmelin formally named the species after Steller in the 13th edition of Systema Naturae (first published in 1788)."
  10. Don't think we've done this. I'll start it off. Cooper's Hawk Blackburnian Warbler
  11. Common Tern Common Eider Common Grackle
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