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  1. Leucistic Bald Eagle https://www.cnet.com/science/biology/extremely-rare-white-bald-eagle-captured-on-video-looking-majestic/ Limpkin along Niagara River https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Abwii0x1CBM
  2. Sorry, meant Short-billed Gull?
  3. I'm basically planning on doing the same thing except I'll probably go with the 800 f/11. I'll probably still use the Sigma too since I have the same pulsing problem to some extent on the 90D so I'm used to shooting burst to get some sharp shots. Since you can update the firmware on the Sigma lenses I'm also hoping that they might eventually come-up with a firmware fix for the problems with the 150-600. From what I understand though Canon is giving the third party lens makers a lot of trouble about doing that or even making there own RF versions. Hopefully that's just temporary.
  4. That time of year again, everyone have a great day!
  5. Yes that's what I intended, although I think if the person posting the picture responds to the guesses it would be okay to submit another guess. The person posting the picture might want to wait until a few people have guessed before responding though, unless of course a correct answer is submitted.
  6. Can we see the original picture?
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