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  1. Female Yellow Warbler Female Golden-winged Warbler Female Cape May Warbler Female Bay-breasted Warbler
  2. Very interesting article! Really amazing about the Kinglets & their eggs!
  3. Female birds are often unfairly overlooked. Common Eider Hen Red-winged Blackbird Bobolink
  4. 533. Great Cormorant 534. Great Shearwater 535. Leach's Storm- Petrel 536. Wilson's Storm-Petrel 537. Long-tailed Jaeger 538. Cory's Shearwater 539. Razorbill
  5. Pine Warbler was already added (#513) so next one up should be #526.
  6. 514. White-winged Crossbill 515. Wood Thrush 516. Grasshopper Sparrow 517. Magnolia Warbler 518. Rusty Blackbird
  7. Wow, I'd forgotten about these, they were a lot of fun!
  8. 473. Yellow-throated Vireo 474. Philadelphia Vireo
  9. 468. Snow Bunting 469. Lapland Longspur 470. Blue-headed Vireo 471. Red-eyed Vireo 472. White-eyed Vireo
  10. 463. Long-tailed Duck 464. Tufted Duck 465. Common Greenshank 466. Curlew Sandpiper 467. Chuck-will's-widow
  11. 427. Gyrfalcon 428. Black-tailed Godwit 429. Northern Wheatear 430. Sedge Wren 431. Fork-tailed Flycatcher
  12. Cerulean Warbler checking me out.
  13. Thanks so much, I appreciate it!! I think the lens has a lot to do with it though. It really changed things up for me when I got it. Obviously its not as good as one of Canon's big L series lenses but the value for the money is really great! They have actually reduced the price on the lens recently making it an even better value. I don't know if you're aware of it but Sigma also offers a mount conversion service. I believe they only make the lens in Sigma, Canon & Nikon mounts but I believe it can be converted to a Sony mount ( https://www.sigmaphoto.com/150-600mm-f5-63-dg-os-hsm-c ). I ha
  14. Currently using a Canon 90D with a Sigma 100-600mm Contemporary.
  15. Sometimes you see the bizarre.... And other times you see the amusing.
  16. Where did they come from ?? 😉
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