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  1. Lesser Nighthawk Chuck-wills-widow Eastern Screech Owl Long-eared Owl Barred Owl
  2. An immature King Eider Drake, only the second I've ever seen (first was an adult drake)!
  3. Saw this back in 2013 but I've always wondered if this was a tornado trying to form or just oddly shaped clouds?? I've never seen one & thought someone here that may have more experience with them might know.
  4. Great place, wish I lived closer 😞.
  5. Thanks, don't know about that but appreciate it!!
  6. Tough to pick but I've always liked this one.
  7. Short-billed & Long-billed Dowitcher Canvasback & Redhead Northern Cardinal & Bluejay Another Cackling & Canada Goose
  8. Merlin Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Orchard Oriole Black-throated Blue Warbler
  9. Another Osprey Yellow-crowned Night Heron
  10. Brown Booby Iceland Gull Black-legged Kittiwake Long-tailed Jaeger
  11. It’s a excellent place to get started. I live over by The Meadowlands so I’m not to far away. I still go by on a fairly regular basis. Thankfully they thought better of the idea of turning it into an international airport years ago!!
  12. I had always been somewhat interested in birds & nature in general but didn't "officially" become a birder until one day about 12 years ago. I was hiking in the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge in New Jersey. There was a bird blind along the trail & I decided to go in to check it out. There was another guy inside who had a camera with a giant lens setup on a tripod looking at something. I looked in the same general direction but couldn't see what was catching his interest so I asked him what he was looking at so intently. He looked up & motioned me over to come look through his
  13. 561. Red-headed Woodpecker 562. Eastern Wood Pewee 563. Yellow-bellied Flycatcher 564. Bobwhite 565. Mourning Warbler
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