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  1. A few years ago while birding I came across this 20 foot Minke Whale in a bay not far from NYC being rescued by New Jersey's Marine Mammal Stranding Center. It had become stuck in shallow water & fortunately the men were able to push it back into deeper water as the tide was rising & it swam off.





    Juvenile Harbor Seal


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  2. Sorry but only got 1 very distant shot of this Tern so these are major crops. Taken today just outside of Atlantic City. Wasn't sure of ID at the time, thought possibly Gull-billed. After looking at pictures though the bill seems to long & thin, there seems to be a pinkish wash to the belly & it also appears to be banded. Hope it's enough to go on.



  3. There were actually 2 separate confirmed sightings of Brown Pelican as recently as 12/18/19 in New Jersey. Two birds at Island Beach State Park & one at Palmyra Cove along the Delaware River near Philadelphia. Also did a search on eBird for the entire state of New Jersey from the year 2000 thru 2019 & it appears there have been sightings every month of the year over that time period. Certainly not all that common & I'm sure some of the sightings have been under unusual circumstances but can't rule them out either.

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