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  1. 15 hours ago, Kevin said:

    I saw some sort of relations to these yesterday.

    I don't think the sun could have been at a worse spot!



    I always keep an eye out for Cuckoos & Orioles whenever I see a nest, they seem to love them!

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  2. This is an old shot & I know this is a bird but it's the situation that was unusual. I thought it was strange this heron was staying put & not taking off as I got closer. After looking carefully I realized the Heron's left foot had actually frozen in place while it was roosting & it couldn't move if it wanted to. Happily when I returned later it had warmed up enough for it to get free & it had departed. I was wondering if anyone else has seen this happen?


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  3. 10 hours ago, Jerry Friedman said:

    Nice captures!  (Pun intended.)

    This seems to be robber cannibalism on my porch.  Herschel Raney, who responded to my request at BugGuide, said this can happen when a male tries to mate but discovers that the intended partner is another male.


    Nice shot to you as well! I really like Robber Flies, they're so bizarre. Almost like creatures from another planet.

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  4. 10 hours ago, RobinHood said:

    @stitch58. All three are excellent, tried to pick a favourite and leaning heavily to the second - definitely my kind of photos and something I should get back to.

    As someone else said recently sometimes a "like" is not quite enough (we perhaps need a gold star rating).

    Thanks very much!! Since I got into birding they tend to be almost exclusively the subject in my pics & I develop tunnel vision. Thankfully mother nature puts stuff in front of us sometimes that reminds us to take in the big picture too.

  5. 18 hours ago, Clip said:

    Nature is not always kind especially during breeding season. Huguenot Memorial Park near where I live in NE Florida has a breeding colony of gulls, terns, skimmers, American Oyster Catchers and Brown Pelicans. Starting about now the gulls start to accumulate...I could overwhelm this thread with gull photos from here and even from the same day but these two birds stood out that day. Take a look and you will see why. I have no idea what happened to these 2 gulls. If any one has any thought on this please share. The first gull I believe is a Laughing Gull the 2nd a Herring Gull. Both photos were taken the same day 6-23-20 well into nesting season with most of the babies hatched but still dependent on the parents. I was just at this park a few days ago and already over 2000 Laughing Gull were present (ebird yelled at me when I reported more than 1000 but there were most definitely closer to 2000). Other species of Gulls were also present but in nowhere near the numbers as Laughing.



    First one looks like it has blood around the neck, predator attack maybe? The second, I've actually seen quite a few gulls, Cormorants, shorebirds, etc. missing legs or parts of legs. I always thought possibly they had been attacked by fish while sitting on the water? I also saw a Ruddy Turnstone once that had fishing gear wrapped around it's leg & the lower part of the leg had turned black & seemed ready to fall off 😞.

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