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  1. This one was kind of unusual - a Pied-billed Grebe 74 miles off the coast of New Jersey.
  2. Yes it was Barnacle x Cackling. There were actually 3 of the hybrids & they were in the same general area for a couple years in a row always with the Barnacle.
  3. Very cooperative lifer - Evening Grosbeak
  4. 387. Black-throated Blue Warbler 388. Black-throated Green Warbler 389. Northern Waterthrush 390. Louisiana Waterthrush 391. Ovenbird
  5. Article on an unusual Grosbeak. https://www.livescience.com/half-male-half-female-bird.html
  6. A few years ago while birding I came across this 20 foot Minke Whale in a bay not far from NYC being rescued by New Jersey's Marine Mammal Stranding Center. It had become stuck in shallow water & fortunately the men were able to push it back into deeper water as the tide was rising & it swam off. Juvenile Harbor Seal
  7. Anyone remember how many we had in the original thread?
  8. 377. Red Phalarope 378. Baird's Sandpiper 379. White-rumped Sandpiper 380. Marbled Godwit 381. Hudsonian Godwit
  9. 363. King Eider 364. Harlequin Duck 365. Upland Sandpiper 366. Parasitic Jaeger (Being chased by angry Laughing Gull)
  10. 333. Prothonotary Warbler 334. Hooded Warbler 335. Kentucky Warbler 336. Prairie Warbler
  11. Yes thanks for fixing it & sorry for screwing up the order.
  12. 307. Saltmarsh Sparrow 308. Nelson's Sparrow 309. Henslow's Sparrow 310. Seaside Sparrow
  13. 290. Sora 291. Virginia Rail 292. King Rail 293. Clapper Rail
  14. 287. Long-eared Owl 288. Eastern Screech Owl 289. Snowy Owl
  15. Thanks very much!! I'm lucky to live in an area where we get to see them every spring.
  16. 282. Blackburnian Warbler 283. Canada Warbler 284. Cerulean Warbler 285. Chestnut-sided Warbler 286. Connecticut Warbler
  17. A few rarities; 224. White-winged Tern 225. Whiskered Tern 226. Pink-footed Goose 227. Barnacle Goose
  18. Sorry but only got 1 very distant shot of this Tern so these are major crops. Taken today just outside of Atlantic City. Wasn't sure of ID at the time, thought possibly Gull-billed. After looking at pictures though the bill seems to long & thin, there seems to be a pinkish wash to the belly & it also appears to be banded. Hope it's enough to go on.
  19. There were actually 2 separate confirmed sightings of Brown Pelican as recently as 12/18/19 in New Jersey. Two birds at Island Beach State Park & one at Palmyra Cove along the Delaware River near Philadelphia. Also did a search on eBird for the entire state of New Jersey from the year 2000 thru 2019 & it appears there have been sightings every month of the year over that time period. Certainly not all that common & I'm sure some of the sightings have been under unusual circumstances but can't rule them out either.
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