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  1. @Charlie Spencer thank you Obi One - may the faucet be wet you 😜. Obi paradise-crow [not my image - taken off the web]
  2. Thank you. Being an "unbirder", zero field-craft and patience.... Heard it squawking and saw it behind that tree limb, just popping its head out - was going to be contented with that, but it eventually came to the other side and for an instant came into full view - OK there was a tiny amount of patience - pre-focused and got that one pose......
  3. Thank you for the clarification and explanation. Thanks
  4. Woodpecker - Atlanta, GA - Sat Feb/12/2022 - is this a red-bellied woodpecker, please, female, juvenile? Thanks
  5. Thank you so much... Maybe I'm not so lame...(it's just the way I walk)
  6. Atlanta, GA - Tue Dec/14/2021 ~2:28pm (EST) Is this a Cooper's hawk please? I'm be grateful to be an "accipiter" of any suggestions....🤪 Thank you.
  7. Thank you both for the confirmation - appreciated.
  8. This was a difficult shot for me, because it was strongly against the light, so colors may not have been representative - is this a Pine Warbler too? - colors are much more representative. Don't think it's the same bird.... Thanks for your patience.
  9. Atlanta, GA, Mon Dec/13/2021, 3:13pm (EST) demo of lameness - you may well have ID'd this bird before for me - but I could not pin it down (it kept flying away! 🤪) Thanks for any help.
  10. You don't need to apologize to me - it's my ignorance. Thank you again for the help in explaining the differences - Non-birders are only at the stage where they would say: is it a bird? ..... You'll just have to be an accepter of some sheer ignorance 😜 Thank you.
  11. Thank you. I am not ungrateful - but you can lead a horse to water.... (but it will be annoyed it wasn't Oriole Cookies 🤪 )
  12. Thank you for the help and clarification - you were clearer than Wikipedia for a quick unwashed definition. I believe there's a species called NON-birders - it groups together people who are clueless about birds and don't know Accipiters from fences (or persons who accept stolen goods 🤪 )
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