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  1. is it crunchy like these? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oreo#/media/File:Oreo-Two-Cookies.jpg
  2. Sorry, you'll just have to wait for your tern..... 🤪
  3. not good for you... neither are Doritos - but the sheer consumption, I can't keep up, neither can my bank balance.... BUT orchard? can't seem to find it on this site: https://medium.com/@mail_81120/85-oreo-flavors-the-complete-list-of-all-oreo-flavors-38ecee49d165
  4. any.. "common old garden" type - you know the cookies they advertise on TV......
  5. well that, and a whole forum where they didn't know orioles are cookies? 😜
  6. Thank you. I use the ip problem with login and posting as a legit excuse... truth be told I just ran out of Doritos... they keep disappearing from the closet behind me 😲
  7. Thank you for that very useful information. Thanks [PS - for those wondering - I am able to login and post on my regular ip. The earlier problem seems to have gone]
  8. Thank you so much. I guess that's a female, without the distinctive ruby throat. Thanks
  9. what kind of hummingbird is this please? Atlanta, GA Tue Sep/14/2021 Thanks,
  10. My apologies. My lame/clueless excuse is to say thanks where I received the help and kindness. Sorry.
  11. [posted using VPN] Thought you were rid of me - but it's kind of stickier than that. Yes, I am still having problems with my regular ip address - and I have to post using VPN (obtains another ip) Just wanted to say thanks for all the clueless help and kindness - so in return I would like to share this AMAZING video - it's already been around for a while, but my eyes were dazzled by the sheer beauty and cinematography (it won a well deserved Emmy) Nature: Super Hummingbirds https://www.pbs.org/video/nature-super-hummingbirds-full-episode/ catch it while you can - episodes expire as I found when trying to watch the previous one called Nature: Magic in the Air - no longer available on PBS sites (but fortunately available elsewhere)
  12. Not your problem - it's because that is a "private" group, and you are probably a group member, so have access to it, and its posts/photos. Whereas, although I am on Flickr, I am not yet a member of that (private) group so cannot get access yet.
  13. Thank you for the suggestion. Tried that link and got returned: So tried to find the group IDplease - no luck - used google for "join Flickr group IDplease" and got some very interesting results - there are two ID please groups. (No intention to fuel any feuds): ID Please - the original group | Flickr https://www.flickr.com/groups/id-please/ then there is the other: ID Please discussion topics - Flickr https://www.flickr.com/groups/id_please/ The first link for the "Original" is confusing, because it appears to show only 2 members - unless one reads carefully about joining the group.... Thanks for the resource, I intend to join too. Thank you.
  14. tiger swallowtail butterfly on swamp hibiscus: Lucky with shot below - I was focusing on the swamp hibiscus when the butterfly flew into frame... [still having to post with VPN]
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