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  1. Hey Everyone, Another WA state ID, I'm really bad at hawk IDs, I don't see enough of them 🙂 Spotted in a group of 3, possibly juvenile, medium sized. Initially spotted near stream on logs on the ground. Plenty more photos if needed 🙂 Thanks!!
  2. @Charlie Spencer The photo with just the Kingbird is the "5ft away" one. The ones with the Eagle, I was just walking back to the car from taking some pics of the Eagles earlier and just looked up and saw these guys flying at me, flew right over my head.
  3. @Kevin@Peromyscus@Ed hogg Thanks everyone! No wonder I couldn't find it looking up finches, sparrows, any birds with red crowns. Crazy I was just unknowingly photographing these guys from 5 feet away yesterday and find out today that they attack birds 15x their size 😄
  4. Visiting Washington State and can't figure out what bird is chasing this Eagle around. Help please :)
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