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  1. Spotted many Painted buntings here in E Texas . I think this one had a head that was very dark nearly black.. His wings were also darker than I have ever seen on buntings . I think you are right . He looked more brilliant compared to others I have seen. Thanks for your quick response .
  2. The birds description is all my wife and I have . The bird was the size and shape of a small sparrow . . It had a Red breast that appeared orange red . The wings and head had a greenish glow (very dark) . It had a lighter green glow (iridescence) that was like an area on its back between the wings below head when the sun hit it He had a mate with him .She was very plane . We live in N.E. Texas in a small town surrounded on one side by a pasture . He was eating seeds off a weed . The time was 14.30 on July 30 2018. The weather was overcast with a small cold front coming in. We can not find it in any books we have . Also tried internet with no luck . This is my first post so thanks in advance .Dave and Virginia
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