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  1. Northern Cardinals are super common nesters in her neighborhood.
  2. Yes. Actually she said it was the size of a Cardinal. All I can say is that it’s a pretty ragged looking worse-for-the-wear female cardinal if that’s what it is. I note in particular the white line on the forehead.
  3. Yes. It is a bird for sure. She got looks from different angles but did not want to bother it since it appears to be on a nest.
  4. Thanks. I defer to @DLecy and @The Bird Nuts. They are correct. I was wrong.
  5. Dear WhatBird Community, I am posting this in the North America forum because the photo was taken in Minneapolis, Minnesota but I am pretty sure it is an exotic species that might have escaped from the pet trade. A friend sent me the photo and I was unable to ID it. The bird seems to be sitting on a nest.
  6. This is a Blue Grosbeak. Note the wing color and bill shape. The bill of the bird in @zbird’s photos is thicker than an Indigo Bunting.
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