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  1. I think this is a familiar neighbor for several months, but can it be determined from these pics? Believe it or not these are the best I've ever got. Youtube link at end.
  2. Mockingbirds are very common here, but I definitely didn't think it was one. And, while I haven't seen it again, I have heard some odd whistling calls that could be a Loggerhead Shrike, or it might just be the power of suggestion.
  3. Yeah, I'm not the ABA. If I don't get a better competing theory, I'm adding Loggerhead Shrike to my "Other Species Seen on Property" list. 😉
  4. Having a little better view in person, I don't think it was a Flicker. Robins are common here, though I haven't seen one in a few months. I didn't get a Robin impression from it. Looking at some videos of Loggerhead Shrikes from similar distances, they really seem to match what I was seeing, but I'm still interested in other theories. And never having knowingly seen one in person before sort of explains why I was so mystified.
  5. Good suggestion. Unfortunately, no I did not hear the bird make any noise as I watched it. Definitely looks like a possibility, though.
  6. Funny, but I'm completely blanking out on what this could be.
  7. Any chance this is something other than a Mourning Dove? It's appearance and behavior just seemed different. Inca Dove? DeSoto, TX. 10/15/23 6PM
  8. And unless the tree branch are tricking me, the last one has too much yellow to be a BHCO.
  9. Didn't get any pictures (this time!) but was just shocked to see five otters come down the little creek that runs through my apartment complex. Lived in the Dallas area most of my life and had never heard of anyone spotting otters. Until recently East Texas was the western edge of their southern range, but apparently they are expanding! https://dfwurbanwildlife.com/2019/08/25/chris-jacksons-dfw-urban-wildlife/a-whole-lotta-otters/
  10. And I'm the blind hog that finds an acorn every once in a while! 😀
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