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  1. Japanese Garden, Montreal Botanical Gardens
  2. Lake Tremblant, Quebec Canada
  3. The Bird Nuts, this was just up the road from otter creek on a piece of property that is preserved for birds. I cant remember the name of the individual that donated it but it is an amazing bird spot
  4. Middlebury VT. July 7th. I was thinking Lincoln's or Field
  5. Thanks everyone. Melierax, thanks for the local perspective.
  6. There were numerous Yellow Warbler in this area, but this bird appeared bigger do to the photo angle I think . Thanks everyone
  7. Silver creek preserve, scrubby willows and poplars near water in a semi desert landscape, about 5,000 ft.
  8. Salmon Idaho, sorry forgot the initials for Idaho are the same as the verb of request.
  9. Thanks, I am leaning Barrow's but want to confirm.
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