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  1. It was my first time driving on the interstate so I was pretty nervous. At one point while I was driving it started raining cats and dogs. I could barely see. But I made it (obviously). The Red-headed Woodpeckers were absurd. Also @Seanbirds forgot that we saw a Ruby-throated Hummingbird crossing the highway soon after we got started.

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  2. Just now, Quiscalus quiscula said:

    It's not that funny if you're me! Since I'm constantly spouting random bird facts and scientific names, my sisters are trying to get back at me.

    It seems that there has to be at least one in each family. Sean doesn't really do that, but I love random facts about almost any subject so I'm always spouting useless information.

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    2 minutes ago, Quiscalus quiscula said:

    Huh, okay. I wouldn't call my fellow musicians in that group at the time that well prepared. Their music was constantly falling off the stands, they played off time and sometimes of tune, and constantly tapped their feet or shook their legs. Of course we improved by the end of the season, though we still weren't great. It seemed that the worst people were put toward the back, so you had to try and not listen too closely, because then you would hear the off-rhythm music drifting from the back. I was put in front of the second violins. Not too brag, because this group was pretty bad, but I was probably one of the best musicians in the group.

    That's not good. I, thankfully, have never had that experience. Most of the people I have played with have been very capable. In most of the groups I would have older friends that would act as mentors in a way, so that helped me a lot when I first started orchestra. Also I have been blessed with having good concertmasters in my groups.

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  4. 29 minutes ago, Quiscalus quiscula said:

    Really?? My conductor was sort of different..Although he didn't yell at us that much, it was mostly he guilted us into doing better by sighing and being dissapointed in us.

    I have never had a conductor that yelled, although there was one who sorta did the thing you're talking about. With most of my groups we are pretty well prepared heading into rehearsal. My conductors don't have too much to be upset about.

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  5. 7 minutes ago, Quiscalus quiscula said:

    Haha, actually it happened, but not to me. Another person was tapping his foot and it was spreading throughout the orchestra, (not me of course!), so he went over and stamped on it! Conductors have a reputation of being, ahem, artistic.

    Wow, my experience with conductors is nothing like that, the worst thing my conductors ever did was crack bad jokes. ?

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