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  1. Thanks for the assist. I also thought kingbird but wasn't quite sure.
  2. Craven County, NC. May be a long shot. Not the best photos.
  3. Last photo I have of the Coopers’
  4. Is it at all possible it could be an immature kite with the slim body.
  5. May not be enough to work with. New Bern, NC.
  6. Thanks much. (County life bird)
  7. New Bern, NC. Maybe Rose -breasted Grosbeak? But similar to Purple Finch female. I did notice a yellow tint under the wings when it flew.
  8. New Bern, NC. Not the best photos.
  9. New Bern, NC. Photo not great. Not sure why the photo came out with this tint.
  10. Yorktown Beach. Yorktown, Virginia. Non-breeding?
  11. New Bern, NC. Apologize for the photos. May not be adequate to venture an answer.
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