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  1. On 24 July, in late afternoon, on a very hot day, while visiting friends at an assisted living facility, I was asked by them to remove the carcass of a bird that earlier in the day was seen flopping on the ground in front of their apartment before it succumbed. When I got to the bird, I found that it was 10 - 14 inches long (head to tail), was full bodies, had a dark/black back, had a white chest and belly, had a subtlety iridescent blue-green head, and unremarkable beak and feet. Using a shovel that I keep in my van, I put the carcass in a garbage bin. Because the markings on the bird were so distinctive I thought it would be easy to ID it and did not think to take a picture. Then, about 50 yards away, there was a second of the same bird on the ground, deceased. Then, then when I left the facility through the front entrance, there was another of the same birds flopping on the ground, obviously in distress. I have not been able to match these birds with any birds in Nebraska or in North America. My theory is that these birds arrived in central Nebraska because of climate changes that have forced them out of their normal habitat. Please help.
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