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  1. Uh oh, a birders fight! Let the hair-pulling and binocular-denting begin!
  2. Afterthought: I thought it was a sort of sparrow, but I didn't find any that made spherical nests and/or that are in South Florida.
  3. I am better at identifying birds by sound than by sight. Why is that? Even when I go through my 1000pg books, I can't find them. Here's the latest. At my place of work in Fort Lauderdale Florida, there is a spherical nest in a tree and this bird (pictured) is always perched by, calling loudly when I get too close. I included a picture of what I believe is the female as well as a picture of the nest. I looked at an unabridged Smithsonian Guide to birds of every bird that makes spherical nests and none matched. Thank you!
  4. I think that's it! Amazing, thank you. (Did you hear the audio file? I think it's very similar)
  5. I'm sorry for the poor quality phone image, but hopefully the audio file I attached will help as it's call is very clear. It was perched on a powerline, flew across the street to a tree which it circled, as if unable to find a place to land, and then flew back to the same spot on the powerline. It repeated this a few times. It almost looked like a Blue Jay but without the crest. I'm stumped. Thank you Simon BirdVideo~3_high_quality.mp3
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