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  1. I should have clarified that the bird in question is on the right. The left hand bird is most definitely a LBDO. Thanks!
  2. It was at Lake Grapevine in Tarrant County. Yes, the expected Dowitchers are LBDO's, but wildcards happen and the underwing seems to point at SBDO. The body and the bill also seem to point that way, but those characteristics are somewhat variable. So shall see if anyone else opines. Thanks!
  3. Hi all! I had a flight of 8 Dowitchers, that I took to be LBDO's, try to land very close to me this morning before they realized I was there. I was able to get some flight shots and that is where the head scratching begins. I locked down on the last two birds as one looked to have the expected white lesser underwing coverts and the other seemed to have more of a uniform dark coloration and barring on the lesser underwing coverts. I'm thinking I had a lone SBDO with the group of 7 LBDO's but would always prefer to defer to the experts. This was from this morning 10/15/2021 in North Central Texas.
  4. Took a couple of pictures of a group of 27 Terns and a Ring-Billed Gull flying past In North Central Texas this past Monday 10/4. Had thought them all to be Forster's, but was reviewing my pics and it looks like the 2nd from the last Tern may be an immature Common. Could I get someone to verify either, or? Thanks! Adding the original shot and a cropped version. The tern in question is in front of the gull.
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