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  1. These were taken in Yorkshire, Northern England in Jun 2022. Any Ideas?
  2. Taken in Galicia in North West Spain in April. 1. Cirl Bunting? 2. No idea. Possibly a type of Pipit? 3. Some type of chat? 4. Unsure.
  3. Any help is appreciated in identifying these from coastal North Portugal in Apr. 1. Siskin or Serin? 2. Could also be either Siskin or Serin. 3. Looks a lot like a Stonechat but darker than those i've seen previously. 4. 2 pictures of waders - likely the same species. 5. Gulls. 6. This is a Waxbill and he is awsome!
  4. Taken in the Pyrenees foothills in Southern France in Feb 22. 1. Brambling? 2. Some type of finch or bunting? 3. Unknown (bad photo as it moved just before i clicked. https://flic.kr/p/2n3gzw2
  5. Taken at Teesmouth and RSPB Salthome in Feb 22. 1. Godwits i think; but which type? And the duck in the top left? 2. Grebes; Great Crested? Little Egret, Shoveler and an unidentified duck in the background. 3. Female Teal or Wigeon? Or something else? 4. No help needed to ID this one. Spoonbills are reasonably rare in Northern England and this was a first for me.
  6. Taken at Sealsands near Hartlepool. 1. The unidentified duck behind the Oystercatcher. 2. The next two pictures are of the same specimen. Any ideas?
  7. 1. Unidentified ducks. 2. Might just be a non breeding Black-headed Gull.
  8. This Egret was observed at Mogadishu International Airport in September. Any Idea?
  9. Help needed identifying these at Mogadishu International Airport in November: 1. Some type of Sandpiper. 2. Almost certainly a Western Reef Egret. 3.4.5. All the same bird(s). Possibly a type of Weaver? Thank you.
  10. These birds were photographed at Mogadishu International Airport in September. Any help gratefully received. 1. Possibly Grey Plover (non-breeding) 2. Unsure. 3. Possibly same as 2. 4. 2 more unidentified waders. 5. Might be a Common Sandpiper. 6. Another Sandpiper. 7. No idea on this one.
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