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  1. These were taken in Northern Spain in August. 


    1. Bird of prey in Southern Foothills of Picos de Europa (Castilia y Leon). At first i thought just a common buzzard but the darkish eye and really hooked beak look a little different. Possibly an immature honey buzzard? 


    2.  Wading bird on a reservoir near Huesca..


    3. Flycatcher? 


    4. Eagle near to Loarre Castle (Huesca). 


    5. Finch. Same area. 


    6. I have this as a spotted flycatcher. Same area.


    7. Black kite? Same area. 


    8. This one is on the Northern side of the Pyrenees in France. I have this as an immature red-backed shrike. 



  2. Some advice needed.


    I was in Toronto this weekend in my first trip to North America. I saw a bird that looked exactly like a Northern Mockingbird with very clear white patches on the wings and really long tail. 


    It was too quick to fly away for me to photograph but I was convinced it was a Northern Mockingbird until I got home and read that they are only summer visitors to Canada.


    So I have two questions:


    1. Are there some Northern Mockingbirds that overwinter in Southern Canada?

    2. If not a Northern Mockingbird; then what? 

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  3. Taken at Teesmouth and RSPB Salthome in Feb 22.


    1. Godwits i think; but which type? And the duck in the top left?


    2. Grebes; Great Crested?  Little Egret, Shoveler and an unidentified duck in the background.


    3. Female Teal or Wigeon?  Or something else?


    4. No help needed to ID this one. Spoonbills are reasonably rare in Northern England and this was a first for me.



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