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  1. Brown Rock Chat looks good. Thank you. Any idea on the birds from Kerala in my other post?
  2. Does anyone have any idea on these birds from India?
  3. Does anyone have any idea on these birds from India?
  4. The RSPB Birds of Britain and Ireland might be your best bet. There are both full and concise editions. They also have a downloadable ID app.
  5. A few unidentified birds from Rajasthan in Dec 18. 1. Wader in Jaipur. 2. No idea - Jaipur. 3. Also in Jaipur and possibly the same species as 2. 4. No idea - Jodhpur 5. Geese in Pushkar - these might be just be domestic geese with various colour variations.
  6. A few photos from my recent trip to Alleppey in Kerala in Dec 18. Any help greatly appreciated. 1. Bee-eaters - either Blue-Tailed or Chestnut Headed. We saw plenty of Blue-tailed but these guys seem to have more red/brown on their heads which the others didn't have. 2. Plover - either Kentish or Little Ringed by range but difficult to tell (and poor photo). Yellowish legs suggest Little Ringed. 3. Unidentified wader. 4. This raptor was photographed further in land up in the Western Ghats.
  7. Any ideas on this one from the Nilgiri Hills of southern India? P1010027 by Matt R
  8. I've worked out how to embed a photo - hopefully this will help: HAwk ID by Matt R,
  9. Herring Gull confirmed. Most likely a 2nd winter juvenile.
  10. A. Looks like a Prinia. Possibly Ashy Prinia but my book only shows ranges in India so unsure whether it stretches into Burma.
  11. I don't think it's a Razorbill. Looks more like a Little Auk.
  12. This raptor was seen in the Nilgiri Hills of Southern India. https://flic.kr/p/2bkaism
  13. I have an answer for some of these now. 2. Yellow billed babbled. 3. Grey junglefowl 5. Ashy prima Help still needed on the rest.
  14. Please can you move this to the rest of the world forum. Thanks.
  15. Please can you move this to the 'Rest of the World Forum' Thanks
  16. Hello. I think we definitely need the Help Me Identify a European or Other World Bird. Otherwise topics get lost among the US ID topics.
  17. Hello and welcome back. Please can you add the Rest of World Identify a Bird forum again. Thank you.
  18. Welcome back WhatBird! The following pictures were taken in the Nilgiri Hills in southern India. No doubt this will get moved back into the rest of world forum once it reappears. 1. Some type of swallow or marten that i've seen a lot on the wing but only once managed to photograph. 2. Babbler? 3. Grey junglefowl? https://www.flickr.com/gp/161034302@N02/jk95LG 4. Raptor on the wing. Difficult. 5. This one is my nemesis. Three pictures of the same bird. Never stays still long enough to photograph. 6. I only had my phone on me when i saw this raptor so low resolution. 7. No idea 8. No idea.
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