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  1. Since it shows up as rare in my area (had to add the bird in), and in case people are going to want to travel in order to see it, I like to be super sure that birds I've never ID'd before are, in fact, correctly ID'd, before putting it up on ebird. Even though I am generally correct in my ID's, which I appreciate you pointing out, I just don't see the point of posting things on ebird until I am backed up (with relative ease) on the ID through people on this website, particularly when they're new to me (the case with this bird) or relatively tough to ID (such as flycatchers, some shorebird types, etc.).
  2. The angle of the photo isn't great, but doesn't seem to have extensive orange on the lower mandible, nor do the primaries appear long enough for a Wood-Pewee to me either. Again, qualifying my opinion on this thread with being under-qualified to offer a reliable ID, but enjoying the discussion.
  3. I'm definitely under-qualified here, but was thinking Least based on that photo, which apparently isn't a Traill's? Can somebody help me understand a bit better why not? Since Alder doesn't appear to be in that area this time of year, does a Willow get that degree of streaking on the chest sides?
  4. Maybe they should add stickers to the windows, or rename the building the "Bio-Death" building, js....
  5. I suppose I will in that case, but want to concede that I've never seen a Tropical Parula before either, just passively monitored its statistical likelihood throughout the year within Texas as compared to the Northern and found it very infrequently within the confirmed ID category on ebird.
  6. Very cool and informative article link - thank you for the free education here! With this in mind, it might make more sense to just call it a parula sp to me, given the poor quality/angles of the photos in question.
  7. I think we can see enough to determine eye arcs as well, which to me is sufficient to rule out Tropical, also given the relative rarity of Tropical anywhere in Texas as compared to Northern. However, I'm twitching after a Tropical after work today within striking distance, so hopefully I can provide some better photos of the difference before too long :-).
  8. I know this picture is lame, but this bird was exhibiting the same characteristics as I observed recently with my White-breasted Nuthatch, and I mean, look at that breast color! Can it be?
  9. Note: There have been a couple of alleged American Golden-Plover sightings here very recently, which are 'rare' right now at this location (as opposed to 'common' right now for Black-bellied Plovers) according to ebird, and I didn't get any view of them in flight re: underside of wing color. Any ideas from the photos? Thanks!
  10. All I can tell you beyond the pictures is that this bird was found wading in salt water. Beyond that, I invoke the 5th amendment from this point forward.
  11. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fgiphy.com%2Fexplore%2Fsweats-profusely&psig=AOvVaw18c3m5c7yCxnTjUGTsYmP1&ust=1631063406671000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAkQjRxqFwoTCNjAhOrW6_ICFQAAAAAdAAAAABAJ
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