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  1. Tough for me to tell from the photos, but my first thought would be Common Loon. Let's wait for the more experienced/knowledgeable birders to weigh in here for sure though. EDIT: Sniped!
  2. No, but I had a really pleasant couple of hours leading into sunset in the middle of gently rolling grasslands way out in the country side on a beautiful day, so hard to complain (plus this lifer, which I didn't even realize I had until post-review of media, oops, lol).
  3. I think I should say no, because a couple of them had been reported out there in the week prior without any specific / useful info towards 'chasing' them (I was chasing Short-eared Owls that day to be honest though).
  4. Thanks Connor! Honestly though, this bird was probably 75 yards out (125x optical zoom goes a long way when the sun is out and shining well). Pics are super zoomed and cropped as presented.
  5. I have poor video of the bird attached, which was cautiously walking around a grass field, never bobbing it's tail, and moving almost robotically, in that the bird took somewhat jerky movements along its course. Feel pretty good about it, just want to be certain as it's a lifer on the line. Thanks!
  6. Just my guesses to get things going (wait for more & better opinions please): 1. Intermediate (Clarks/Western Grebe) (not saying hybrid, just saying I can't tell which, so leaving the duality) 2. Western w/intermediate. 3 - 6. Western. (I feel like they all could be Westerns honestly, but since there is some ambiguity in the aforementioned "intermediates", perhaps a better birder can help shine some additional light on these for us).
  7. Nice! Where? I was down there today, but focused on getting the Hook-billed Kite and didn't see this one all day from the hawk watch towar at Rio Grande Bentsen SP unfortunately...
  8. #689 - Hook-billed Kite (Dark Morph) - Hidalgo Co, TX, 01/15/2022 (removed from spreadsheet posted on page 21)
  9. Aidan, you know I'm only trying to learn here, but it seems implicit by your answer that Greaters can sometimes have a purple sheen then, unless I'm seeing something that isn't really there? I think I remember Sibley's 2nd saying never purple, but could be wrong as always...(head shape on C looks great to me though)
  10. #688 - Social Flycatcher (Brownsville, TX, 01/07/2022)
  11. Thinking Savannah Sparrow here...wait for the experts please :-).
  12. ...or until you start driving all over your huge ass state looking for new birds every weekend...lol
  13. I combine birding with Disc Golf (frisbee golf) on most weekends. Good, cheap fun, just like birding! 🙂
  14. ok, I have Social Flycatcher now, is that one needed? (I checked the list on page 21 of this thread, and it's not there, but I know it's pretty damn rare, so just asking). Also, just in case, what about Crimson-collared Grosbeak? Please advise and thanks!
  15. So, trying to figure out if I saw a Hook-billed Kite with a Gray Hawk, or just two Gray Hawks as I suspect, or just a hawk sp. with a Gray Hawk. Thanks ahead of time for any help. (in the 2-bird photos attached, you're seeing a Gray Hawk in the bottom of the frame, and the unsure hawk in the top of the frame.
  16. Hello all! First of all, the audio file attached contains primarily a previously ID'd and subsequently confirmed Broad-tailed Hummingbird, in addition to the hummingbird sp. in question, which second bird comes in at about the 11 second mark according to the Merlin Audio ID. I have also attached a few pretty poor photos of the hummingbird sp. They were unfortunately the best I could get in a very poor lighting situation before the second bird flew off. I'm curious about whether or not I can confidently ID the second hummer here, or no? Thanks for any help ahead of time! 2022-01-07 1711.wav
  17. I wonder, being completely ignorant to the banding process admittedly, why is the bird in the second photo seemingly just sitting in your hand, despite it not appearing to be tethered down? Does it not yet know in this moment that it is free again, or what (just idle curiosity)?
  18. Looks like the reviewer for the area might be confused @Hasan. Just noticed he's confirming pics of what appears to be the same bird, noting the right leg is missing / injured as I observed this bird and others noted this issue as well, though posting as a California....
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