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  1. If anything, I would suggest getting some dried mealworms for them if you can find them, since it would be the closest I could imagine to their normal eating habits...welcome to whatbird!
  2. On the evening of Dec. 9th I've got a spot to try for the Mottled Owl & Bare-throated Tiger Heron..fingers crossed they stick around till then!
  3. Sorry didn't realize we didn't have that one yet. I wish the photos were better, but, I'll add it when I get home today.
  4. Certainly agree - you're truly a gentleman and a scholar and it was a pleasure to meet you!
  5. Liam, I'm glad you posted this first - it's definitely better than what I got out there, photo-wise - nicely done!
  6. @DLecy@Aidan B Any thoughts here? I'd hate to be the sole poo-pooer on Greater....
  7. Leaning lesser on male (head shape somewhat compromised due to apparent active foraging though still appears to be crowning too far back on the head for Greater) and a slash for me on the female. Please take with a grain of salt here. Maybe both as a slash in fact…
  8. I agree that most of the birds pictures at least are Swainson's Thrushes.
  9. Blackburnian is the go-to here I believe. Apparently the Boat-tailed Grackle can look very similar to a Rusty Blackbird (limited experience with both species here), and I keep coming back to the heavy-looking bill in the OP photo (kudos IKLand), which really leans more grackle than blackbird upon closer examination. Sorry for the confusion on my part!
  10. Same here (leaning Bullock's). Note how the bird pictured here has more of a brownish coloration to the back as opposed to the more grayish coloration on the OP's photos too...(Sibley's pointed out this different in the Baltimore-Bullock's comparison on the app)
  11. Yep I would ultimately defer to Aidan B on this one - this ID is just a bit too far above my pay grade at this time, but looking at Sibley's, I''m starting to lean Bullock's myself.
  12. Maybe immature Baltimore Oriole in that case? I'm not great with Orioles of this nature either unfortunately...Definitely seems late, but Baltimore is perhaps more likely for that location at earlier times of the fall..please take with a grain of salt here...
  13. And with that, I defer to unidentifiable. (When in doubt, go with Aidan B for my two cents).
  14. Just the way that it's sitting at the crown of that roof so boldly gave me that impression (acting more like a predator and less like prey, somewhat unique in that apparent size of bird, plus the rough GISS captured in the video). Curious what others may think here...
  15. Rusty Blackbird I believe. (wait for others here, not too familiar with the species).
  16. Tough to tell from the video, but I'm wondering about Loggerhead Shrike here? Did the bird make any sounds? If so, compare with Loggerhead Shrike sounds on Merlin perhaps...
  17. Was the bird bobbing it's tail up and down somewhat frequently OP?
  18. +1 on that sentiment Dragon! However, using apparently the same camera as you do over the past few years, I've learned that if you can practice at leaving it on manual focus where the big ring around the lenz is the adjusting mechanism, you can get pretty quick/decent at focusing yourself in lieu of the (admittedly less than good) autofocus feature of the camera in question. It definitely takes some practice, but eventually (and especially in lower light situations or when trying to photograph or video something at distance) it replaced my autofocus function use with this particular camera.
  19. Ok just reread some additional and updated sightings. Maybe is / will be chase able by next weekend after all…
  20. I’m aware of the sighting and nature of the sighting and location, and don’t believe at this time it’s actually chase able, being paying 40 bucks and sitting on the edge of the Rio Grande River and watching all fly over traffic throughout the day hoping for it to pass by.
  21. #745 - Roadside Hawk (hawkus uncooperativus*) (*not actual Latin name)
  22. #744 - Cattle Tyrant (sorry the picture's kinda meh but it was raining in a crowd from a distance and I use a bridge camera)
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