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  1. I'm thinking Yellow-rumped Warbler here. EDIT: Sniped!
  2. I have Cattle Tyrant photos too, but not sure if it should be added here...
  3. Not to be too much of a stickler with the IDs, but the second bird is actually a Muscovy Duck (domestic type). Truly wild and pure-blooded Muscovy Ducks are only found in very few places within the United States, along the Rio Grande River in Texas being one of them (if not the only region within the U.S.?).
  4. I believe you are correct here on the Harlan's ID (particularly noting the third photo on the attached ebird link, which seems to show the white tail with black edging from beneath). Nice bird!
  5. I'm thinking partially leucistic House Finch here. I believe they live in that area year around, so no reason for it to abscond far away that I'm aware of.
  6. I agree, but am not confident either way (I still loathe this ID, lol)
  7. I live in that annoying Black-crested/Tufted zone as well, but would welcome and defer to any thoughts Liam would care to share on the matter. Strikes me as more of a Black-crested Titmouse in the photos FWIW, but hybridizing possibly evident through the color of the forehead in the photos (darker than in a typical Black-crested / lighter than in a typical Tufted). I've been warned that most of the Titmice you can find around where I live (Cuero, TX) are likely in some form of intergrade between the two species, and it's very difficult to parse visually with a great degree of certainty. Even suggested to list most of them occurring within this overlap range as a hybrid. I typically like to go further west in Texas for a straight forward Black-crested, and further east in Texas for a straight-forward Tufted for peace of mind with regards to lifers / listing.
  8. The bill should be really big on a Cinnamon Teal - reminiscent of a Northern Shoveler bill to a certain degree (thought not quite as large).
  9. To clarify, at least according to Sibley's names for these birds I'm not too familiar with - I believe #2 is a Purple Swamphen.
  10. That would be my best guess based on the photos.
  11. Very limited experience with either PALO or RTLO, but having seen both for the first time just this previous weekend, the lack of a strong demarcation between the dark and light portions of the neck of the pictured loon makes me agree with this ID as well. Also note the upturned bill angle in both of your pictures... Here's a link to a photo of another RTLO I saw this weekend for comparison, together with a distant shot of a PALO for comparison... https://ebird.org/checklist/S156446885
  12. I know the video quality is tough, but I never see any 'horns' on this owl throughout the video. I don't recall ever seeing any GHOWs without seeing the horns personally. Not saying I know what it is, just don't think it's a GHOW.
  13. Well, if it makes you feel any better, there's a good chance at this point that the best I could hope for is Audio Only on the two birds, so it's not exactly looking great for Birds of North America # 2 unfortunately....😪
  14. If anything, I would suggest getting some dried mealworms for them if you can find them, since it would be the closest I could imagine to their normal eating habits...welcome to whatbird!
  15. On the evening of Dec. 9th I've got a spot to try for the Mottled Owl & Bare-throated Tiger Heron..fingers crossed they stick around till then!
  16. Sorry didn't realize we didn't have that one yet. I wish the photos were better, but, I'll add it when I get home today.
  17. Certainly agree - you're truly a gentleman and a scholar and it was a pleasure to meet you!
  18. Liam, I'm glad you posted this first - it's definitely better than what I got out there, photo-wise - nicely done!
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