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  1. I thought about this as well (Indigo Bunting), and consider it equally possible at my current pay grade and with the photos in question.
  2. Looks like it might be an immature swamp sparrow, not certain though.
  3. Tougher discernment between NOMO and Gray Kingbird it would seem, although I've never seen a Gray Kingbird TBH. Looks like the white outer edges of the tail in a NOMO, and as Charlie said, white in the wings being very visible when they fly, should be perhaps the easiest way to differentiate the two species from one another. Hope this helps!
  4. NOMO (Northern Mockingbird). Note the white in the tail, the lack of a black crown, and the presence of faint whitish eye arcs on this bird.
  5. Fair point. Odds-on favorite would be by far a Black-crested Titmouse in fact. A bit of a slip from your fellow Texan here, my mistake.
  6. Confirmed (but a bit too similar looking of a specimen to an Eastern Wood Pewee than I am accustomed to). Wait for others to double-down here perhaps.
  7. 1st Pic: Like Charlie said, Pine Warbler @ peanuts, plus male House Finch and Tufted Titmouse at Sunflower Seeds. 2nd Pic: Looks like a Baltimore Oriole. 3rd Pic: Looks like a Baltimore Oriole with a couple of House Sparrows.
  8. That’s my first impression of this bird, but hard for me to be certain from this photo alone.
  9. Is it wrong to say that the incomplete eye ring (towards the front edge) on the pictured bird seems to fit better with a female immature Mourning though? (I did actually like the Connecticut ID already here, FYI, but just seeing why not perhaps from others)
  10. 1. Is a Northern Waterthrush. 2. Spotted Sandpiper? (Not sure at all here) Edit: sniped!
  11. I find this camera’s autofocus is both particularly slow and poor/inconsistent, although I don’t have any other camera experience to compare it to either.
  12. I don’t think so. Hesitant to guess which as well though.
  13. FWIW, I got a belt holster with quick release for my P1000 and take it alone and along for all of my birding hikes. Hangs in front for easy access and to avoid snagging during bush whacking off trail. Suggest doing what Charlie was saying, but using the video feature set to 4K resolution and handheld on manual focus with this camera. It’s not a perfect science mind you, but generally works out pretty well (just zoom a bit into the highest flight count area, get that distance generally in focus, and brace yourself for a minute or so of continuous video). The downside is I end up spending a lot of time watching my videos in super slo mo replay for individual images that are worthy towards ID, but it generally works out if you have the patience to wait and a little bit of luck with repetitive flying locations with these annoyingly evasive birds…
  14. I thought the same thing initially re:eye ring minimalism, but then tried to convince myself of a russet-backed Swainson’s after that…
  15. Both cormorants. Somebody better can probably tell you which for certain, though my guess is Double-crested for both.
  16. I'm not sure, but I'm getting very uncertain Kestrel vibes from this photo...hopefully a better birder can be more certain as to the proper ID...
  17. Looks like a Golden-winged Warbler (female). Wait for others, as I'm not very familiar with this species.
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