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  1. @Kevin quite possible we're only dealing with 1-2 birds here. I ended up just counting 1 orchard and 1 blue grosbeak from these pictures and calling it good.
  2. I'll end up having about 10 of these total, and I apologize ahead of time for clearly having a lot more trouble with hummingbird IDs than the best of us on here. Thanks ahead of time for any input on any of them!
  3. o.k. thanks @Liam! I'll just leave it as Buteo sp. in that case, given there was no visual ID whatsoever on this one. I just wasn't sure if there was anything else that sounded like that or not, and Merlin Bird ID Audio app (certainly not a fail-proof system at this point), was suggesting Zone-tailed ?.
  4. @KevinI did indeed run out of upload space, and was excited to bother everyone again with ID assistance, so thought it was the easiest/quickest way to accomplish that ? based on some prior comments to the same inquiry on my end.
  5. Sorry for the very faint audio. Please prepare to crank up those boom boxes for this one ? 2021-08-27 0654.wav
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