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  1. In case it helps at all, attached is an overview image of the general areas that the previous Social Flycatcher was seen in and around the UTRGV-Brownsville Campus. I'm sure that any one interested in seeing your bird would be much appreciative of any specificity you could give as to the precise location the bird was last seen (assuming this sighting is at all in the similar vicinity).
  2. He's both correct (re:urgency) and a very good birder, strongly agree!
  3. Looks like you should go ahead and post this on ebird ASAP in this case, and congrats on what appears to be a spectacular find for you! (The very capable local ebird reviewer should be able to pretty quickly confirm or dispute the ID for you).
  4. Based on the call alone, it sounds like a Social Flycatcher to me (I was lucky enough to see/hear it during the first extended stay at the UTRGV-Brownsville campus). However, due to the fact that I'm not an expert, and that the bird is so exceedingly rare in the U.S., you'll want to hear from at least a few people on this site agreeing with me before you made the claim if I were you...(truth be told, I don't have Great Kiskadees in my backyard like you do, so not overly familiar with the latter, so there may be the possibility of it being some sort of immature call sound that I'm not familiar with, etc.).
  5. Same camera I have, and I've had it for a while....surprisingly difficult to photo flying swallows with a sufficient zoom for a clear shot I've found anyway, but hopefully you'll be better at it than me! ?
  6. (for Birds are cool confused reaction, guessing it's about the eye comment...): The distinct yellow eyering is present, but we don't see the darker horizontal line going through the eye and extending behind the eye (as in most PIWAs), but there is the chance for the darker horizontal line extending mostly in front of the eye only (as in YTVIs), since we can't see this location in the various pictures supplied...
  7. PIWA/YTVI hybrid. <drops mic>. JK, although I do now feel less certain about the PIWA original assessment of mine, and feel like the partial looks that we get at the eye area seem to fit better for YTVI than PIWA. Overall, still a bit closer to a PIWA for me, but very tough with the photos / angles to be certain for me.
  8. I'm not good enough to place this either, but it definitely sounds like a shorebird to me too.
  9. Looks good to me, wait for others though. EDIT: Sniped by <1 sec! nice work!
  10. Looks like a Pine Warbler to me. Wait for others.
  11. I tried but could not make out the audio, just so you know :-).
  12. I was wondering if I had enough to at least call it a Traill’s here with confidence (Willow/Alder)?
  13. Silent bird, in semi-open grasslands with gently rolling hills and mixed in with plenty of Huisache and some sprinkled in Live Oak clusters. Thanks!
  14. I'll go with Least Flycatcher, somewhat playing the odds, but admittedly intimidated on the ID.
  15. Great point! I can't eliminate either too well from these photos, but now leaning towards you on this one.
  16. Probably a Horned, Red-necked, or Western Grebe, but I can't tell which from the video. It seems like it's a bit too early for the Eared Grebe according to Merlin anyway...
  17. I don't see what else it could be, but something about the photo / angle / exposure looks a little off out to me, not that I have a ton of experience with this bird anyway...long story short, agreed-ish.
  18. I don't know if the forehead slope thing is an identifiable trait, but I also had the same impression/uncertainty with this photo @Birds are cool @lonestranger....
  19. Kevin, Was the bird not making any noise for you? I find the Orchards as of lately (because they live in and around my new place in numbers) to be rather easy to identify by way of their calls and songs as compared to the other Orioles at this point...(they have the little red-winged blackbird type chirp call, then the eastern bluebird type slurry whistle call, etc.) I'm not the best with female Oriole visual IDs TBH, but looks like your other two options for the area are limited to Baltimore and Bullock's, and this doesn't look like either of those to me, so Oriole for me here.
  20. 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Pass 4. Pass 5. Nashville (greenish wings) 6. Black-headed as aforementioned. EDIT: Double Sniped! (better done by IKland however)
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