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  1. My best guess is Pine Warbler here as well, but can't be very certain of course.
  2. For a female Vermilion Flycatcher, you're going to be looking for a whitish chest with faint vertical darker streaks, transitioning to a salmon-like color as you travel towards the belly where the streaking relents...
  3. It is quite common for them to group together, particularly on electrical wires when resting / perching I've found.
  4. I like Forster's here as well. Wait for others (shorebirds still scare me).
  5. Common Tern would be my guess, but Terns scare me often...(as well as many shorebirds)
  6. I would say Bewick's Wren based on the photo. Wait for others
  7. These are pictures of pictures, resulting in much reduced quality, clarity, and accordingly, can sometimes limit the ability for people to help confirm IDs. I think Blackburnian was wanting to see the actual pictures, rather than the pictures of the back of the camera preview of the pictures, which is a common request on this site when the subject bird has very similar relatives. No comment on the ID from me.
  8. I’m leaning Willow here over Wood-pewee but far from confident. I’m used to seeing a light spot right in the center of the chest for the Pewee, which is basically just another way of saying what The Bird Nuts already stated.
  9. 1.Song Sparrow 2. & 3. Sapsucker? (Pass) 4. Clay-colored Sparrow. (definitely wait for others)
  10. Strangely, I can see the photo in Kevin’s reply only. In any event, I believe it’s an immature Yellow-crowned Night Heron. Wait for others to confirm. (EDIT:Never mind, now it’s there).
  11. Need an awning over that camera or else I’m afraid it might melt! Those black housings they typically come in don’t help keep them cool either…game camera / security camera type setup? Like the idea! I wonder how hot they can get without failing?
  12. I have them both around all the time, and still find them a little tough to distinguish as well visually! Much easier to audio ID on these two in my somewhat limited experience. My soft vote here is also a Carolina having said that…
  13. I considered a Pine Warbler as well, but due to the apparent rarity at the location (if you believe Merlin), and the yellowish tinge to the wingbars, I'm thinking Pine Warbler is pretty safe here. Of course feel free to wait for others to confirm as well - I'm no expert! ?
  14. Agreed - yellow warbler (not sure what else it could be honestly after a quick check on Merlin). Likely immature I'm thinking as well.
  15. Don't forget about me Charlie! I'm excellent at misidentifying photos, which is why, over time, I am less and less prone to chime in, unless I feel extremely confident in my opinion, lol.
  16. Oops! Not sure where I picked that up, but no doubt he is a great bird identifier regardless. General point being, although much easier said than done admittedly, try hard to resist the tendencies of the Dunning-Kruger effect as an amateur birder, as it’s counter productive to one’s individual advancement in the hobby IMO.
  17. I'm leaning towards imm. SNEGs on all three, but definitely wait for others...(thinking too much of a yellowish hue in the lores, whereas I would be expecting more of a greenish hue there for imm. LBHEs)
  18. FYI @Birds are coolHasan is an ornithologist, and arguably one of the top, if not the top, active experts we have on this site. If you ever see his name pop up with a comment, I would generally take it as the 'gospel', or if not that, then at least extremely heavily weighted as correct/appropriately abstaining from exact ID. Aidan B is also ridiculously good and appropriately cautious at ID'ing birds, amongst many others as well of course. Just thought I would provide this context for you in case you were not aware of the same. I hope you have a great day!
  19. This was my leading best guess, but couldn't find a good audio file match on Merlin to go with it under BCNH nor YCNH, and Merlin didn't register the match either (they show as rare on Merlin but only uncommon on e-bird for my location). Hopefully I'll get a visual on the bird the next time to confirm a solid ID either way. Thanks for the sound advice as always!
  20. Hello all! Been a bit since my last post. I may just be being absent-minded, but was excited to not recognize the attached audio. I think it's a bird, and I should probably know which, but can't place it. Extremely loud - similar to the decibel level of a Limpkin I would say. No visual on the bird, but surely had to be within 100 yards...heard on the tail end of a long awaited rain event. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks! 2022-06-28 1928.wav
  21. I too have a rather mature Catalpa in my new yard, and get regular visits from a Yellow-billed Cuckoo as well to it and the nearby Walnut and Ash tree. May have to plant a couple more, because I absolutely love those birds. Thanks for the intel!
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