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  1. Let's please not forget that Juncos are birds too, and some of us live in places where they're pretty good birds to encounter, you Finch elitists...?
  2. no comment as to ID, but I love your pics!
  3. I like all three IDs, but flycatchers are still challenging for me. Please wait for others to confirm.
  4. Of course it counts if you're positive that's what it was. That particular bird is quite distinctive as well, leaving one to have a higher degree of certainty than perhaps with other species. The only other things that look remotely like it that I can think of - tail wise - would be the much smaller Scissor-tailed & Fork-tailed Flycatchers. Congrats, and consider reporting to ebird ASAP because that's a pretty good bird for the location :-).
  5. And the picture above it is of a Wilson's Warbler, and at least one of the birds in the 3rd-from-the-last picture is also a Wilson's...
  6. Full House, 90's sitcom, tiny Olsen twins, Bob Saget, and the guy who couldn't sing, "Lovin' you is easy cause you're beautiful", due to falsetto issues from the manufacturer, any of that ring a bell?
  7. 1. Warbling Vireo (I think, wait for others to confirm). 2. Flycatcher for sure, and Least seems plausible to me though not certain.
  8. This, although Veerys also lack the prominent eye ring as compared to Swainsons to further help in differentiating between the two...
  9. looks like a Turkey Vulture to me
  10. 1. Looks like a kite profile to me, but I'll pass on ID. 2. An overly dark photo of buffy sides on a male Ruby-throated I think. 3. I think this is an Indigo Bunting, perhaps in a transitioning plumage (which shows a little buffy brown on the back still, but I think I'm seeing blue in this photo at the head and tail end of the bird?) 4. The spotting seems weird to me and I'm not accustomed to seeing anything like that, but still RTHU I suppose...
  11. Even though I already agreed with IKland on the Tennessee ID, I could see this bird as a Philadelphia Vireo as well, TBH.
  12. Either that or a Gray-cheeked Thrush...(don't know why I'm on a Gray-Cheeked Thrush mission this morning, though better overall brownish hue here for this bird. seeing the chest spots would really help either way on this one though). Veery perhaps is a little bit more likely statistically here though?
  13. Yeah, IKLand, Connor, and blackburnian are right, never mind - House Wren! ?
  14. I feel like #5 is the toughest one, otherwise agreeing with Connor and blackburnian above. I feel like 5 could actually be a Gray-cheeked Thrush (noting what seems to be a lack of prominent eye ring), but perhaps not a clear enough photo to ID either way...
  15. Woooooooow! I thought it was in Kansas - whatbird is on a role lately with super fancy bird IDs, no?
  16. Where's your yard at again @Seanbirds ?
  17. I'm feeling pretty confident with IKLland's ID here, although admittedly, I've yet to ID one of these myself (just hundreds of White-faced so far for me). Nice!
  18. I was unable to listen to it and feel like it sounds fine for Red-bellied, although admittedly I have very little experience with Red-headeds...Having said that, however, my Merlin Bird ID app doesn't have any Red-headed call that sounds anything like the one provided, so feel pretty confident about it.
  19. It’s official, you’re kinda a big deal now ? https://www.facebook.com/groups/ABArare/permalink/5315186118541988/ or for those not on Facebook, a screenshot…(255 reactions and counting not shown in the screenshot, lol)
  20. Completely agree on the ID and the 'fanciness' of the bird. Nice find!
  21. 1. Wood-Pewee 2. Pass 3. Wood-Pewee (I don't like the drabness of the vest color for Olive-sided, but the angle leaves much to be desired towards certainty here). (also, as you know well, I'm no expert)
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