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  1. A few from a big hike I did in Guadalupe Mtns. Nat'l. Park last weekend...
  2. If I had a gun to my head I'd call it a Northern, but since I don't, waterthrush sp. for me. Tough bird to ID as the nice post by @Kerri suggests, but particularly with this single photo here.
  3. Top two photos look fine for Chestnut-sided for me. The bottom two photos trip me out a bit - I swear it looks like this bird has yellow/orange on the throat as well, but maybe I'm just being tricked by lighting, etc...
  4. To me, it looks like a Hammond's, but I'm not good enough to positively ID it. Any vocalizations heard? If not, it may not be fully identifiable I'm afraid... @Hasan?
  5. Statistically it looks to be the most likely, but I honestly can't tell from the photos myself.
  6. Photos aside, did you ever get a nice look at the throat? If so, what can you tell us about it streaking-wise? Also, would you describe the tail-bobbing as more fluid or more lurching?
  7. I too often struggle with quick moving birds such as Kinglets due to my slow-zooming Nikon P1000, lol.
  8. Looks to be that way. Keep in mind, there's a tremendous amount of plumage variability within this species.
  9. I just don't see any other bird on Merlin for the time & date that it could be other than this...tough one!
  10. It's some sort of female / immature male Oriole I'm thinking, but not good enough to tell you which...let's see what others might say about it..
  11. Didn't know that was a thing with House Sparrows, cool!
  12. I'm getting some female Brown-headed Cowbird vibes, but hard to tell from the photos for me. Wait for others por favor...
  13. Imagine the dominance that Buffted titmouse could assert at a crowded feeder with those ripped arms...
  14. Although I can't say I'm 100% certain, since I do have Bewick's Wrens nesting around my yard and pretty much living there year around, I feel fairly confident that is what we're hearing (just a couple of hours south of you in Texas).
  15. Bull Frogs? (at Sabine Woods, Port Arthur, TX, last weekend)
  16. What the heck is that supposed to mean? ? <spits chewing tobacco into a spittoon then straightens his oversized belt buckle and saunters off towards his horse while yelling, "yeeeeeeehaw!">
  17. Well, it's either Lincoln or Song Sparrow, and I'm leaning Lincoln, but I'm often confused between these two species, so let's let someone else clarify here, lol...
  18. I'm thinking Indigo Bunting here, molting/non-breeding male/immature male variety... EDIT: Sniped!
  19. I think 3 is definitely a Yellow-rumped Warbler, not sure about the rest...
  20. Yeah, spring-fall on the coast - but especially spring and early summer - seems like generally the worst (whenever there's been enough precipitation around for them, basically). I was at Sabine Woods on Saturday for several hours, and believe it or not, it's way worse there than in Corpus Christi, usually. I hate the spray stuff, so I usually just go lightweight fisherman pants and long sleeve shirt with lightweight gloves, gilligan hat, and head net...lol
  21. @KevinWhile I haven't yet visited Pollywog Pond, I've been to Hazel Bazelmore Park a few times. Great hawk watch tower there at Bazelmore and I've run into some really proficient young birders there as well helping out with the fall hawk watch.
  22. Definitely a Double-crested Cormorant. Nice photos! On an Anhinga, you're going to expect to see a very sharply pointed beak/bill, as opposed to the downward drooping end of the beak/bill as seen in the first photo.
  23. no sound, considerable tail bobbing, though not entirely constant as the Louisiana that I encountered a few weeks back in SPI (my first ever re: Louisiana). I thought Louisiana in the field but a seemingly better birder said it was a Northern upon a quick review of my photos noting the eyebrow... Help!
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