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  1. Six individual birds, seen at the Corn Creek Visitor Center of the Desert National Wildlife Refuge near Las Vegas, NV, on 25 April 2019. In one case, one of these was so accustomed to people that it was hunting insects in the air only feet from us, flying circles around us. Are these all Ash-throated Flycatchers, or are others like Duskys also in the mix?
  2. Seen at Floyd Lamb Park Near Las Vegas, NV, on 25 April 2019. #1 an Anna's and #2 a Black-chinned?
  3. Many thanks to both! This was a huge help in sorting out a bunch of photos of both Anna's and Black-chinned.
  4. Seen at Floyd Lamb Park in Las Vegas, NV, on 24 April 2019. Is this a Mallard x Canada Goose hybrid?
  5. Spring birds, seen at Kyle Canyon near Las Vegas, NV, on 26 April 2019. First one seems to be a Rock Wren, based on process of elimination. The second one may remain unidentifiable, but appears to be a warbler with all-yellow underside except for a slight white vent, and perhaps a white wing bar. Third looks to me like a Plumbeous Vireo. Greatly appreciate help with these.
  6. Seen at Kyle Canyon near Las Vegas, NV, on 26 April 2019. I originally believed this was a Plumbeous Vireo, but on second look it seems more like a Cassin's Vireo. Cassin's or Plumbeous?
  7. Seen at Red Spring site within Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area near Las Vegas, NV, on 23 April 2019. Confirm as male Black-chinned Hummingbird?
  8. These photos are the best samples from a flock of warblers that swarmed trees in my yard for hours today. The flock included a few confirmed Black-Throated Greens and Black-Throated Blues, but most appeared to be the type that follow... with split eye rings, yellow leading edges on wings, pairs of strong white wing bars, and pinkish-orange feet (when visible). I'm guessing these are all Blackpolls, but this would be a first for our yard so I thought a sanity check would be wise. Are these all Blackpolls?
  9. A belated thanks for the work by all on these though photos. I remain in search of the chance to take one good photo of a Chimney Swift.
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