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  1. Many thanks to both! This was a huge help in sorting out a bunch of photos of both Anna's and Black-chinned.
  2. Seen at Floyd Lamb Park in Las Vegas, NV, on 24 April 2019. Is this a Mallard x Canada Goose hybrid?
  3. Spring birds, seen at Kyle Canyon near Las Vegas, NV, on 26 April 2019. First one seems to be a Rock Wren, based on process of elimination. The second one may remain unidentifiable, but appears to be a warbler with all-yellow underside except for a slight white vent, and perhaps a white wing bar. Third looks to me like a Plumbeous Vireo. Greatly appreciate help with these.
  4. Seen at Kyle Canyon near Las Vegas, NV, on 26 April 2019. I originally believed this was a Plumbeous Vireo, but on second look it seems more like a Cassin's Vireo. Cassin's or Plumbeous?
  5. Seen at Red Spring site within Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area near Las Vegas, NV, on 23 April 2019. Confirm as male Black-chinned Hummingbird?
  6. These photos are the best samples from a flock of warblers that swarmed trees in my yard for hours today. The flock included a few confirmed Black-Throated Greens and Black-Throated Blues, but most appeared to be the type that follow... with split eye rings, yellow leading edges on wings, pairs of strong white wing bars, and pinkish-orange feet (when visible). I'm guessing these are all Blackpolls, but this would be a first for our yard so I thought a sanity check would be wise. Are these all Blackpolls?
  7. A belated thanks for the work by all on these though photos. I remain in search of the chance to take one good photo of a Chimney Swift.
  8. Many thanks to all for the ID on this. Amid 12 other species of warblers confirmed in the last three weeks, this was the only time when I found a Chestnut-Sided.
  9. Many thanks to all for the ID on this. I was fortunate with this one... this is the lowest in foliage that I've ever found a Northern Parula.
  10. Many thanks to all for the work on these tough photos!
  11. Many thanks to all! In subsequent days, this park delivered a numerous Magnolias, often in far better looks than these, along with many Black-Throated Greens (a lifer for us).
  12. Many thanks to both! This park has delivered an endless parade of Eastern Wood-Pewees in recent weeks.
  13. Many thanks to all for the ID. You're both absolutely right! This September has been a long learning experience with fall plumage.
  14. Many thanks to all for the work on this one. I'm convinced, but if I remain conservative and hold this in the "possible" category, the good news is that Tennessees appeared on multiple subsequent days in this same area of the the park (delivering a confirmed lifer for me).
  15. Many thanks! Black-Throated Green is a lifer for us, and these are my first identifiable photos of one. This park proved to be crawling with these, in mixed flocks especially with Cape Mays (also a lifer for us) and Magnolias, through much of September.
  16. Many thanks to all! This park proved to be crawling with Common Yellowthroats (and a few American Redstarts) through much of September.
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