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  1. Many thanks to all for the ID on this. Before photographing this one, I caught a great glimpse of the white eyebrow in much better detail through binoculars. I see purple finches so rarely here that the combination of the finch appearance plus Carolina Wren-like strong eyebrow simply didn't compute, until I got home and consulted the guides. Many thanks to all for confirming my suspicions.
  2. Many thanks! This is the most cooperative vireo that I've ever seen. It parked on a branch and ate dinner for 10 minutes, allowing the best photos I've ever taken of any vireo. This is only the second time that I've seen the yellow-throated, so the confirmation is particularly appreciated.
  3. Many thanks! This park proved to be crawling with Magnolias this season. Learning that tail pattern proved invaluable for delivering IDs on numerous additional underside photos half-obscured by foliage.
  4. Many thanks to all! Those under-tail covert markings subsequently came in handy with IDs of numerous additional underside looks at Black-and-Whites this season.
  5. Many thanks! Tennessee Warbler is a lifer for us this season!
  6. Many thanks for the all the hard work on these IDs, and apologies for the huge posting!
  7. Many thanks to all! Common Yellowthroats have routinely lurked in precisely this same spot throughout much of September. I think I just saw another of the same flock.
  8. Many thanks! Tennessee is a lifer for us just in the last few weeks, and I'm still getting used to seeing it. I believe that these are actually my first truly confirmable photos of Tennessee. Thanks again!
  9. I can definitely believe a Cape May, given the numbers of them seen in this same spot in better lighting in recent weeks. Thanks to all!
  10. Many thanks to all! The Black-Throated Green was a lifer for us, so I thought I should sanity-check with experts. We found ourselves amid dozens of them. I totally believe the last one as Tennessee. Tennessee was a lifer for us just in the last few weeks, and it's so new to our experience that it just didn't cross my mind that this is what we had. As for the juv Cape May, this makes total sense, given the many it was with. As for the alleged Blackpoll, I'm increasingly skeptical; I bet they're not actually here yet. Thanks again to all!
  11. These birds were seen in a stunning mixed flock of (at least) Magnolia, Cape May, and Black-and-White Warblers, at Riverbend Park in northern Virginia on 19 September 2020. I think we had many additional species in the same mix, some of which are lifers for us. Welcome your help on these... #1 Confirm Black-Throated Green Warbler? #2 Confirm Blackpoll Warber? #3-#4 (same bird, tail and breast behind tree, and head) Confirm Orange-Crowned Warbler? #5-#6 Confirm Northern Parula?
  12. Granted, the look angle isn't exactly helpful, but I was concerned that the spotting might be too limited to the chest and not enough on the belly to allow it to be Swainson's. At the end of the day, I'm happy to allow the eye ring to carry the decision as Swainson's.
  13. All seen at Riverbend park in northern Virginia on 27 September. #1 Swainson's or Hermit Thrush? The eye ring makes me think Swainsons, but the underside makes me think Hermit. The call is even more complicated by the fact that we've had a confirmed Wood Thrush in exactly the same tree over the last week. #2. Confirm Ruby-Crowned Kinglet? I was chasing warblers but accidentally ended up with this guy, which seems to be a much better match for a Ruby-Crowned. #3 + #4. The tough one, in terrible subdued and low-level light. I get a sense of a yellow head, which I think is real rather than merely the sun's reflection (because there was so little sun). That head, plus the large and small wing bars, and relatively bland underside, make me think Blue-Winged Warbler. That said, BWW would be a lifer for me. so a sanity check is vital. Could it be BWW, or does this one belong in the unidentified warbler folder?
  14. Seen at Riverbend Park in northern Virginia on 20 September. #1 No idea. #2 No idea. #3 Prairie Warbler? #4 No idea. #5 No idea.
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