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  1. Seen Saturday at Morro Bay state beach. Willit shown for size comparison. Seemed to be the right size for a dunlin, larger than a least sandpiper, and shows spots on sides of breast.
  2. Seems like there are a few options for this relatively nondescript bird. Seen August 8th at 10,000 ft elevation in the high meadows just south of Yosemite (@1,000 Island Lake).
  3. Going through my photos, I find this picture, and remember nothing about this bird. Found in McCarthy, Alaska on July 30. Anyone care to guess?
  4. Seen on July 26th, about 20 miles N of Anchorage. May be immature song sparrow, but missing malar stripe and breast spot, and not all that common in this area.May
  5. Is this determination based on location or are there other cues here to differentiate from Willow Flycatcher?
  6. Seen on July 16 in SE Alaska, in Woods-Tikchik State Park (N of Bristol Bay). Pictures from two subsequent days, but I believe to be the same bird.
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