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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome and helping validate the identify this little guy. Yes, it was truly not what I wanted to see, especially first thing in the morning; I know things happen but goodgrief! Would have preferred someone else dealing with this, but again, I guess since it was me, I gave the poor thing some attention. Happy Labor Day, as well!
  2. Thank you Aidan, I really appreciate that. The breast and belly confused me, but now that you say that, I understand the small yellow feathers on his back.
  3. Hi Everyone, Unfortunately, I found him outside my door this morning when I was going to go put food in the feeder. It would seem he crashed into my storm door and broke his neck. He had a strange very clear orangish liquid on the concrete around this head. I did a biohazard cleanup since I am unsure what the liquid was (maybe only stomach contents?) and really want to know what he is. I just hate it when things like this happen. But thank you to anyone who can name him for me.
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