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  1. I would think it is more likely an overwinterer than an early bird. True, neither bird would be the default archilochus.
  2. Ruby throated IS the more expected of the two right? I'd consider contacting a bander.
  3. One more vote for semipalm. Thicker, shorter, straighter bill. Dark legs. More gray than the rich brown least. Wings too short for white-rumped.
  4. Absolutely not an orange-crowned warbler. As to what it is.... Anybody?
  5. Thank you, Blackburnian. I felt good about it but with such crumby photos self doubt crept in.
  6. Western North Carolina. This species is uncommon here. Riding thermals with a kettle of turkey vultures. Thoughts?
  7. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Common_Raven/overview Certainly fits the profile of a raven. But that would be very unusual in MS. Familiarize yourself with the calls of American and fish crows, which should be common there, so that you can rule them out.
  8. Franklin's would show large white spots in the wings. Bonaparte's.
  9. Looks like a Swainson's thrush with the buffy eyering and supraloral. Winter wren-very dark and very short tail. Though they usually stay pretty low to the ground.
  10. Forster"s. Elegant build. Long deeply forked tail. In nonbreeding plumage the dark spot behind the eye.
  11. Orange crowned. There's a little blurry breast streaking, a more prominent broken eye ring and weaker facial pattern then you'd see in a Tennessee.
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