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  1. Not sure how widespread the event is, but a nature preserve not too far from us is holding their 40th new year bird count on Jan 1st. Apparently groups of birders go out during the morning to record bird species, and help the preserve start off their annual bird list.
  2. Here's mine! Extra round and fluffy in honor of all the fluffy winter birds I've been seeing. I don't have many shades of brown, so the colors aren't quite right, but... I tried!
  3. I'm drawing right now! Could you not sense me drawing from where you are downstairs??
  4. I was swallowed by schoolwork, but I have now escaped!
  5. I like it! It's so cute! When is the deadline? I may have time to draw since I'm on break.
  6. We're doing alright! @Quiscalus quiscula has been quite busy with homework so she hasn't been on, but I'll go tell her she won right now! I'm guessing she'll be around later this afternoon/this evening to pick the next bird.
  7. I'm pretty sure the people in this thread all like to look at any and all the art there is—I know I do! Of course it's up to you, but why not post what you've worked hard on? ? And on a slightly different note, is tomorrow the deadline?
  8. A few coincidences occurred recently: 1. I took a very grainy, distant photo of a cute bluebird perched on the side of a tree, in the fog. (See profile pic.) 2. The next bird to draw happened to be the Eastern Bluebird. 3. I joined Whatbird with Sialia sialis as my username. Therefore... I just had to draw one and enter it! Maybe it's cheating a bit because I don't have to draw a tail or feet... but... here it is!
  9. My sister is making me guess I'll guess Rock Wren.
  10. Thanks all! I enjoy myself too, so generally it's a win-win! Unless there are a ton of mosquitoes... some regrets may appear then ?. Occasionally all I do is circle her, guarding her from mosquitoes, while she stares through her binoculars. And yep, two of us! I also just had to match my sister's username style in some way.
  11. Thanks! Yeah, I've heard good things about you guys, so hopefully no regrets XD.
  12. ? Hey everyone! @Quiscalus quiscula finally dragged me in and convinced me to join, so... here I am! My knowledge of birds is pretty, ahem, limited, but I've been accompanying her on our small birding trips and hopefully I will slowly learn more.
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