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  1. Hi all - This is an absolute long shot since I wasn’t able to get clear audio, but when out for a hike in Acadia NP, we heard a pretty odd call - a series of maybe 5 pretty mournful notes (almost like a dove’s coo?) and then a series of what sounded like 5ish slow woodpecker knocks. I thought they were distinct birds, but we heard them in that sequence twice. The sound stopped our whole group short as sounding noticeably unique. Has anyone heard that combo? Any guesses what we might’ve heard?
  2. Hi guys - Trying to ID this little guy who was hanging out in a bush on top of Cadillac Mtn. in coastal Maine (1500 feet so not too high). Photo ID hasn't given me great results - I'm sure it's something obvious but can't quite place it. Thanks!
  3. Hi all - Any guesses on this duck(?) floating in a protected saltwater bay in Maine (Bar Harbor)? Thanks!
  4. Hi all - saw this Junco in Flagstaff, AZ. Pretty sure it’s in the Junco family - I’m between grey-headed and red-backed. Am I on track?
  5. Hi all, have (another) duck question. I'm reviewing photos and noticed this, which appears to be a blue headed male mallard. Is this a variation I just haven't seen? A trick of the light? An ID I'm missing? Taken in northern VA.
  6. Seems the most likely - I think the white patches on the wing check out as well. We do have a good number of them in the area. Thanks!
  7. Hi all, I got blurry pictures of what looked like a duck in Northern VA that I'm having trouble ID'ing. The white on the wings is throwing me off. Wood duck maybe?
  8. Spotted this odd looking pair in Marco Island, FL. The right looks like a female mottled to me, but the left is odd - is it a hybrid? Maybe Mallard x Mottled? Or is it just an odd look for a Mottled that I'm not recognizing?
  9. Hi all, this is my first post on here, so hopefully following all the rules! A video of the bird is attached; I have no photos other than screengrabs from the video. It flew out from trees (coastal forest) skimming pretty low over the water, and then flew off - I didn't see where it went. I saw this bird on Mount Desert Island, Maine last week - this is a protected cove, but saltwater (Mount Desert Narrows). There are some Bald Eagles in the area, so maybe a juvenile? Another that comes to mind is maybe a female Common Eider? Any guesses would be much appreciated - thanks! IMG_0691.mov
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