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  1. is this a clay-colored or a brewer's sparrow? spotted in the wetlands park, clark county, nv
  2. that makes sense. there were a lot of female redwing birds in the area. thanks for all of your health.
  3. have not been able to identify this sparrow. Tried Merlin and it gives me some sort of grouse. can you help?
  4. saw these ducks swimming in Lake Meade at Boulder Beach. pics not that good. ducks were far out in the water. thinking either common goldeneye, ruddy duck, or long tail. have seen long tails before in the same area.
  5. got it. thanks for all of your help and quick response.
  6. saw these 2 ducks back in 05/13/21, in the las vegas wash at the wetlands park. have not been able to identify using merlin and asking other experienced birders. it was suggested that they could be some sort of domestic duck or even a hybird. the ducks were hanging with a pair of mallards but as you can see they are bigger than the mallards. they have a dark green head and black body. 1 looks to have a dark bill and the other a yellow bill. both have feathers sticking out on one side of the head. any help in identifying these 2 ducks will be greatly appreciated.
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