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  1. IF this was a different time of year I would be looking at a possible Pine Siskin
  2. I saw this bird this morning at Prime Hook, Fleetwood Pond, it was in the same tree as a waterthrush. The notched tail and the possible yellow mark is not getting me to the ID. Thanks
  3. A few people here are looking at Cliff Swallow
  4. //I saw this bird today 7/16/22 on Broadkill Rd in Milton and can not identify the bird. I believe it to be a swallow but the pic is not good and I can't find identifying markings
  5. I saw this bird this morning and believe it is an immature Oyster Catcher, would like confirmation Thanks
  6. While at Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware yesterday I saw this bird flying high over a marsh in the park 5/18/22
  7. I am not sure what this bird is. It may be a merganser based on the birds in the area
  8. This warbler looks like a Pine warbler but it has not wing bars, so I am not sure just what it is. Here are two shots
  9. Saw these two birds in Milton Delaware, Oyster Rocks Road this morning 10/29/2021. I thought dowiitcher but question that now.
  10. How can I reduce my pics to 4m so I can post them with my question? Thanks
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