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  1. This warbler has been in my yard for the past couple days and I am not sure just what it is. I am thinking possibly a Palm but the tail does not pump but has all the other characteristics of a Palm. All input welcome.
  2. I saw these two warblers among a group of others that I could identify, but these 2 are confusing to me. Found them at Prime Hook, Milton, Delaware at Fleetwood Pond. Thanks
  3. I was finally able to get off a couple shots of this warbler, which stayed in the upper branches of the tree at Fleetwood Pond, Prime Hook, Milton Delaware. The eye ring in one of the pics is one of the things throwing me off. Thanks
  4. IF this was a different time of year I would be looking at a possible Pine Siskin
  5. I saw this bird this morning at Prime Hook, Fleetwood Pond, it was in the same tree as a waterthrush. The notched tail and the possible yellow mark is not getting me to the ID. Thanks
  6. //I saw this bird today 7/16/22 on Broadkill Rd in Milton and can not identify the bird. I believe it to be a swallow but the pic is not good and I can't find identifying markings
  7. I saw this bird this morning and believe it is an immature Oyster Catcher, would like confirmation Thanks
  8. While at Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware yesterday I saw this bird flying high over a marsh in the park 5/18/22
  9. I am not sure what this bird is. It may be a merganser based on the birds in the area
  10. This warbler looks like a Pine warbler but it has not wing bars, so I am not sure just what it is. Here are two shots
  11. Saw these two birds in Milton Delaware, Oyster Rocks Road this morning 10/29/2021. I thought dowiitcher but question that now.
  12. How can I reduce my pics to 4m so I can post them with my question? Thanks
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